Home decoration ideas are on everyone's mind at the moment. We've been stuck indoors staring at our interiors since March. For some of us, it's a case of refreshing a tired living space and for others it's about finding inspiration to start our new home project. So, whether you're moving home or just on a DIY and decorating spree, our blog is a great place to find inspiration.

1. Use paint to create a feature wall or interior accents

Embarking on a paint job is often put off and off due to the nature of it being slightly time consuming to do and to dry. However, there's no time like the now, with regulations still limiting guests in the home. Playing around with your colour scheme, especially as we approach a new phase of living and hosting is a great way to revamp your interiors. You can go bright and bold, add depth to your room with a darker colour or keep it simple with a neutral tone. A great place to start is woodwork. Painting your cabinets, doors and windowpanes will make the world of difference to your living space without taking up hours of your time.

We wrote a piece on the Dulux Colour of the Year 2020 and walked you through how we would style muted green. However, if you're in need of some more guidance on colours, be sure to check out our guide How to create a mood board - according to the design experts at RAFT.

2. Indoor plants in concrete pots and planters

Indoor plants are the easiest way to bring life (literally) to your room and freshen up interiors that are becoming dull. When working with neutral, simple interiors it's a no brainer to introduce some greenery. However, if your space is prone to clutter and colour, it's important to consider how you're going to store and style your indoor plants. Concrete planters are the must-have contemporary decor staple. We love concrete for its minimalist and industrial, yet elegant look. It makes a statement without detracting from its surroundings and is the perfect habitat for an indoor plant.

3. Declutter and decorate in one with decorative storage solutions

Home decoration ideas are all well and good but often we find that the suggestions just cause more clutter and less space. That's why the most invaluable home decoration idea that there is is to invest in stylish storage solutions that simultaneously declutter and decorate your home. When it comes to meeting this description, storage cubes are the perfect buy. Our teak Storage Cubes come in a variety of sizes and with the choice of natural or dark finish. They're made from 100 percent sustainably sourced teak, boast a beautiful golden brown hard wood grain and no two are the same.  Our Concrete Storage Cube is clean-cut and simple, forever reminding us that "less is more".

4. Staple and seasonal cushions and throws

If your sofa and walls are pretty neutral in colour then decorating your home is as easy as can be. Seasonal cushions and throws are the only interior purchase that you'll have to make and without further a do, your living space will have a new look and feel. We love really bright colours, prints and pastels in the spring and summer and darker, richer colours in the winter. Playing around with textures is also fun, with velvet as a luxurious winter staple (well, year round, really) and linens and cottons always making their way into our summer interiors. If you're not sure how to work with your colour palette, remember to head over to our mood-board ideas blog.

5. Buy a piece of art that you are proud of

There is nothing like a beautiful piece of art to serve as the perfect interior decoration. The wonderful thing about turning to art to dress your interiors is that you're sure to make the space completely your own, letting your originality and personality shine through. The piece in the photo above is an oil on canvas painting by Conor Quinn, Animator and Fine Artist. This figure in motion study exhibits simplicity and timelessness as does the monochrome colour scheme. We love the way it works with the blue velvet Madison Sofa.