Choosing the 7 best sofas for 2021 was incredibly difficult because there is no one size fits all recipe for the perfect sofa. However, we took inspiration from our customers and have decided to share our most sought after sofa models of different styles.

Catering for every interior design preference, our range of sofas is diverse. We offer sleek, minimalist designs with simple silhouettes for the contemporary home and plush sofas with curved edges for a softer, traditional comfort. We boast a collection of luxurious handmade sofas, made to order in a choice of thousands of fabrics. For this reason, this list is anything but exhaustive, it's simply a roundup of some staple favourites that we're certain you'll love (in no particular order). Find inspiration from their silhouettes and find your perfect sofa for 2021...

1. Melrose Sofa

A compact, luxury lounging sofa

7 best sofas for 2021 Raft Furniture Melrose corner unit with Bruno the dalmatian

2. Seattle Sofa

A sleek, sophisticated sofa on slim legs

7 best sofas for 2021 Raft Furniture Seattle sofa in teal with teak root glass coffee table

3. Loft Sofa

A versatile, relaxed sofa for the ever-changing home

7 best sofas of 2021 Raft Furniture white Loft corner unit and pink scatter cushions and crittall lamp

4. Lincoln Sofa

A plush, curved sofa for luxurious lounging

5. Manhattan Sofa

A cult favourite sofa oozing signature Raft style

7 best sofas of 2021 Raft Furniture Manhattan Sofa

6. New York Sofa 

A contemporary sofa with clean, bold lines

7 best sofas for 2021 Raft Furniture New York sofa

7. Madison Sofa

A modern sofa design with supportive, high armrests

7 best sofas of 2021 dark blue Madison Sofa