Creating accents with colour on a neutral canvas is the new Scandi trend that has every interior designer on board. While Scandinavian hygge is known for a palette that boasts muted tones and soft neutrals, you can still incorporate colour into your scheme without neglecting your nod to the Nordic...

Keep it light

In Scandinavian countries, often winters are longer and darker, meaning that natural light is lacking. For this reason, maximising light is integral to this style of interior design. Naturally, this feature of hygge lends itself to the use of pale colours to encourage brightness. On the surface, this suggests pale greys and off-whites. However, pastel hues can also work as a way to mimic the natural elements from sunshine and trees to blossoms and fallen leaves. Incorporating these lighter colours maintains harmony and doesn’t distract from your overall look. 

If you’re already a colour convert but struggle with pairing shades on your moodboard, pastels could be just the ticket. Despite their ability to maintain their vibrancy, the softness of pastel tones makes them complementary to most other pastels. 

Pastel hues in the home can introduce a calm energy into any space. Adopting a playful but muted palette is a Scandinavian interior design trick allowing for an exploration of individuality without straying from the relaxing cosiness of a hygge home. Perfectly complement your chalky colour scheme with natural finishes and tactile textures to find a balance between colour and neutrality. 

Make it bright 

Want to make a statement? We love bright oranges, pinks, greens and blues to make a space brighter and more inviting. A lick of paint is a beautiful way to create a colourful interior accent and we’re partial to the idea of painting cabinets and feature walls. However, opting for a statement sofa is the most powerful way to inject your own personality into a space. Printed fabrics and scatter cushions add energy and life into a space.

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