From the simple to the frankly ingenious, here’s how reclaimed teak can solve your storage problems and make your home more beautiful at the same time...


Storage solutions can be as beautiful as they are practical - especially if they’re made from high-quality reclaimed teak.

Raft is the world’s leading manufacturer and largest retailer of 100% recycled teak, and over the years we’ve learned how to turn this beautiful wood into high-quality, durable furniture. We’ve also developed lots of clever storage ideas, and gradually honed our product range until we have a crafty decluttering solution for any and every room in the house. Here are six of our favorite teak storage items...


1) A solid configurable wardrobe that can fit anywhere...

If you dream of solid, durable wardrobes that will last you forever but can’t imagine how you’d get it into that corner, then the Knockdown is the answer. It’s assembled on site by our skilled delivery teams, who can access even very awkward or restricted spaces.

As well as being a gorgeous, timeless piece of furniture it’s very practical, with removable shelves providing plenty of scope for configuration. The Knockdown comes in two styles: Lifestyle (pictured above) and the more ornate Classic (below).



2) Stash everyday clutter in a storage screen

In many homes the worst of the everyday clutter tends to accumulate in the ‘family room’ - papers, school bits and pieces, half-built lego sets, hats and gloves… you get the idea.

With its four sliding boxes, a teak storage screen is a perfect place to quickly stash all that stuff, while also displaying photos, books and so on in cubby holes that you can adjust to the right width. And it’s a very versatile piece of furniture that will last you through all the different phases of your home life. You can tuck it against a wall or use it as a room divider or partition -  in a living area, dining room, conservatory or hallway.

This is the Haywood style storage screen, and we also do a version with louvered doors.



3) Hide anything away in a blanket box

It’s obviously perfect for bedding, towels etc and usually placed at the end of the bed - but with its clean lines and beautifully simple design a reclaimed teak blanket box can be used in any room for storing anything that you want to hide….



4) Secret drawers in a hidden bookcase

Possibly our most ingenious storage solution, the Hidden bookcase is a generous shelving unit with some craftily engineered extras. There are secret pull-out drawers under the shelves, and hidden compartments on the side - perfect for anything from the remote control to the car keys to bottles of wine.

Available in a natural or dark teak finish.




5) Make use of narrow spaces with a one-door cabinet

Raft have a variety of cabinets in all sizes, but if you want to make maximum use of a narrow corner, a one-door glass cabinet can be the perfect answer. The lock makes the cabinet ideal for the bathroom but it will look good in any room.

The doors can be made to open either way - handy if you’re tucking it into a corner -  and there are three roomy drawers.



6) Get creative with storage cube

You can use reclaimed teak storage cubes on their own as coffee tables, or stack them to make a shelf unit that fits your space and shape of room (a trio under a staircase is a favourite).


This cube is 40cm x 40cm x 40cm, and we also have an extra large cube which has a 60cm height and width and 40cm depth, and a long version.


Read why reclaimed teak is a such a great material for furniture here  - and browse our full range of teak storage solutions here.