Making your home a haven for dining in style is the antidote to the restaurant and bar closures that have swept over the globe, this year. The kitchen is the heart of the home, bustling with fragrant aromas and happy, hungry family members. However, the dining table is where everyone comes together to indulge in great conversation, delicious meals and undistracted relaxation. We're firm believers that creating an inviting ambiance in your dining room has a transformative power when it comes to the allure of your home. Now, more than ever, mealtimes are special, representing an affirmation of routine as well as an opportunity to try new things. Our buyer's guide to the perfect dining room will demonstrate the importance of investing in making your dining room a special place. This is the infrastructure for a happy, hosting home. 


"Our family dinner table was my first platform – every dinner was all about sharing stories and jokes and points of view" Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Getting the ambiance right, day and night 

Striking the balance between creating an optimal dining environment for breakfast, lunch and dinner is somewhat of an art. Getting the ambiance of your dining room right is all about creating a space that is accessible, appropriately lit, warm and cosy... whilst still maintaining the type of effortless sophistication that is achieved by your favourite local bistro.


With lighting... 

As with most interior design questions, lighting is the answer. Dining rooms with natural lighting create a lovely daytime/sunset dining experience. For this reason, we love South facing dining room spaces. However, if your dining room is North facing, then opting for warmer toned wall colours with golden undertones will be effective when it comes to maximising the little natural light that your room gets.

In the evening, the way to create the bistro-esque atmosphere that's been missing from your dining experience is by implementing dimmed, moody lighting, warm toned colours and a blend of textures and materials that will strip a room of any harshness.

With an inviting, centrepiece-worthy dining table...

A teak dining table is a great way to introduce softness and warmth of texture and colour, whilst establishing a timeless, yet modern, aesthetic. Executing interiors that strike a balance between modernity and homeliness is the sign of an Instagram-worthy dining room.   

Above is our Megan Dining Table

We love the authenticity of reclaimed teak dining tables because the grain of the wood is unique in each piece. The decision to place a teak dining table at the centre of your space promises to add character to a room dedicated to conversation and making memories.

With comfortable dining chairs...

A mistake so many people make when designing their dining room is neglecting the importance of dining table chairs. If you want your dining room to be a place for lounging and relaxation beyond the formality of eating a meal, invest in chairs that can withstand after-dinner drinks, games and chats for years to come.

Above are our Adelaide Chairs

Although wooden chairs seem the obvious companion to a teak dinner table, upholstered chairs can be very effective. Beyond physical comfort, introducing soft textures will add depth to the aesthetic of your room and provide scope to experiment with feature colours and prints.

With glasses and crockery...

We're all guilty of putting off buying new tableware but it's all in the details. If you're looking to refresh your dining room space, a new set of crockery and glasses will undoubtedly do the trick. We love our Smoke Glass Range for their edgy, modern look that works season in, season out, day and night. In the photo below, we have also modelled our Nordic Sand tableware range.

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