It’s Christmas - but that doesn’t mean you have to cover every surface in tinsel. Here are our tips for making your home both festive and stylish...

For many, Christmas decoration is a straightforward business: hang fairy lights on everything you can, then drape tinsel on everything else.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that - it is Christmas, after all. But for those of us who find that flashing bulbs and neon reindeer bring on a headache, festive decor is a bit trickier. How can you keep your home stylish and relaxing, without seeming too much of a Scrooge?

Fortunately, there are subtle ways to make your home lovely and Christmassy, without going the full Santa’s Grotto. Here are five tips for your inspiration...


1) Candles everywhere you can

The secret to a stylish Christmas home is creating an atmosphere that’s cosy, magical and special - but without being gaudy. And the key to that is candles. Forget the strings of fairy lights and instead put candles everywhere you safely can for a festive glow (and scent too).


Interesting candle holders are fun. We make these Indonesian twig candle holders from sustainably sourced branches - no two pairs are the same.



2) Go natural


[caption id="attachment_2438" align="alignnone" width="640"] Image: Life at Number 63[/caption]

Choosing natural materials over plastic makes an enormous difference. Branches, berries, holly, mistletoe... We love these natural festive wreaths by Pippa Designs.

Here’s a beautiful festive corner (above) by Kat of Life at Number 63, with baubles hanging happily from one of our natural Teak Branch Coat Stands (who needs a Christmas tree?).


3) Festive flowers

Staying with the natural theme, festive flowers are a perfect way to get lovely rich colours into your home without relying on tinsel.

Try your local florist for poinsettia, red Christmas Roses, green ivy and winter hyacinth...



4) Subtle LED lights

Of course, you don’t have to completely dispense with artificial lights. But rather than multi-coloured novelties and pre-programmed flashing, try more subtle LED lights.

For inspiration, these are our star lights hanging from one of our decorative bamboo ladders.



5) Dining table centrepieces

Christmas is a great excuse to get really creative with your dining table. Candles, baubles, flowers, animal figures  - dig around in that box of old tree decorations and see what you can come up with. For your inspiration, here’s a Pinterest board with thousands of ideas.

And talking of Christmas dinner tables, don’t forget the cheese board...


How do you like to style your home at Christmas? We’d love to see your Instagram shots - tag us at @raftfurniture.


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