We couldn’t find the perfect handmade, all-natural mattress - so we got Hypnos to make it for us...


At Raft we’ve long been on the lookout for the perfect mattress to go with our range of reclaimed teak beds. But since it didn’t seem to actually exist, we asked the best people in the country to make it for us.

Hypnos is a family-run British business with real heritage, and the team there shares our values of using natural materials to handmake real, top-quality products that will last.

Like Raft, Hypnos have their own factory here in Britain. Their craftsmen have made three new mattresses for us that have nail the things we look for in a product….

[caption id="attachment_2549" align="alignnone" width="800"] The Hypnos Ludlow mattress, exclusively for Raft[/caption]


Great design and craftsmanship

Real thought, experience and expertise goes into Hypnos’ mattresses. Making a good night sleep is a specialist area - it’s a mix of art, craft and science.  The Keen family have run Hypnos for five generations and have held a Royal Warrant since 1929 - in fact, they’re still the only mattress and bed manufacturer to actively supply all the Royal Residences. When you’ve been making beds that long you learn a thing or two about designing mattresses that will stand the test of time.

We were seriously impressed by how much Hypnos know about creating comfort: great design is at the core of what they do.


Real, natural materials

We’re obsessive about good materials at Raft, and Hypnos are the same. The mattresses they’ve made for us include fantastic, all-natural materials like bamboo, cashmere, horse-hair and alpaca wool, expertly blended for comfort and durability. And these Raft mattresses are the only ones Hypnos have made to use only all-natural fillings.


Doing the right thing

Again, just like Raft, sustainability is at the heart of Hypnos’ business. As well as using all natural, sustainable materials, their workshop has achieved FSC® and PEFC™ forestry certification, and they were the first British bed and mattress manufacturer to become carbon neutral.


There’s a bit more about Hypnos and their factory in Buckinghamshire in this video...



The new Raft Hypnos mattress range

There are three Hypnos mattresses in our new range:

The Ludlow - contains wool and bamboo and has 1200 reactive 7-turn pocket springs.


The Fulton -  contains wool, cashmere, flax and black horsetail, and has 1400 reactive 7-turn pocket springs


The Ellery - contains wool, silk, bonded wool and alpaca. It is the top of the range with 1600 reactive 8-turn pocket springs.


All three come in double, king and superking sizes, and prices start from £799.

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