A lamp is an addition to your home that won't go unnoticed; with a variety of style, health and productivity benefits, updating your indoor lighting is a DIY must. The right lighting can create the right ambience, accentuate interior design features and boost productivity in your home office. What's more, efficient lighting just isn't enough for those of us who yearn for an Instagrammable home office, bedroom or hallway. So, if you're on the hunt for a high-quality lamp that doesn't compromise on style and flair, we're here to give you the low-down...

What to consider when buying a lamp

When deciding what lamp is right for you, it's important to consider a few factors. Firstly, think about how a lamp shade will work with your interior colour scheme as well as how the style of lamp will complement the general aesthetic of your home. We usually opt for a neutral shade (pun intended). Next, you have to consider the type of lighting effect you require. Breaking it down into three areas is an effective way of deciphering the type of lamp you should buy...

The 3 types of lighting:

  1. Accent lighting - Lighting that will illuminate features of your home, be it a framed photograph or an impressive piece of art.
  2. Ambient lighting - Lighting that creates an atmosphere, casting a glowy hue across a room to ease relaxation, comfort and conversation.
  3. Task lighting - Lighting that allows for focused work and productivity, perfect for a home office or a homeschooling station.

The perfect lamp for your home office...

Chalgrove Table Lamp

Sleek and cool in it's design, the Chalgrove lamp was designed by our London-based design team at RAFT and offers the industrial elegance we love to see in our favourite Pinterest home office spaces. The pairing of the mesh-detailed metal and clear glass offers a look of sophistication and clarity, offering a clear, bright light. The product in the image above is our Chalgrove Table Lamp but we also offer a Chalgrove Floor Lamp, the same compact design suited to smaller spaces but with an elongated frame.

The perfect lamp for creating a homely ambiance... 

Harvard Table Lamp 

This lamp has a funky design paired with its matte black base and open wave linen shade (available in a choice of colours). The uniqueness of the design and its ability to give a room that extra bit of flair makes the Harvard Table Lamp a beautiful centrepiece. Ambient lighting is kind of our thing so the Reko Table Lamp and the Hann Table Lamp (among others) are also well worth checking out.

The perfect lamp for reading and accent lighting...

Erris Table Lamp

A bedside lamp is an essential for any bookworm who has stuck to the old fashioned paperback, rather than switching to e-books. When it comes to artificial lighting at nighttime we believe it's incredibly important to keep the hue soft and relaxing as opposed to harsh and startling. The organic silk shades on our Erris Table Lamp ensures that this is precisely the effect.

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