As the days continue to get shorter and darker, everyone’s searching for lighting ideas to carry them through winter and beyond. Firstly, of course we implore you to adorn your interiors with fairy lights and magical decor (and we urge you to have a peak of our new Christmas collection). However, beyond this, if you’re searching for a long-term investment that doesn’t just take centre stage in December, we’ve got some beautifully timeless lamps. Our lighting collection is classic yet contemporary, striking the perfect balance between homely hygge and making a stylish statement. 

Why lighting is so important…

...For your mental wellbeing

Integral to the human spirit, there’s a reason for the saying “light up your life”. To instantly lift your mood and brighten up the gloominess of Winter weather, the right lighting is transformative. What’s more, adding some light to a room opens up a space and creates an inviting ambiance. Invest in a lamp you love and with one simple switch you can convert an unused corner to the cosy hub of the home. It’s really that easy.

...To elevate your interiors

Realising that every elegant interior design set-up features a statement lamp is truly a light-bulb moment. If you’re looking to elevate the look and feel of your interiors, a floor lamp is a must-have, creating warmth and light while also maximising the space by bringing your eyes upwards with the length of the lamp. An effortless way to accessorise effectively, with simplicity and style in mind. 

The layering concept 

Creating depth and dimension in a room is best achieved by using accessories to layer. This is why we hang prints, place potted plants on our side tables, scatter poufs and bean bags for occasional seating options and hang pendant lights from the ceiling. 

The layering concept is an important part of minimalist styling due to the way it maximises a space. However, its application must be more thoughtful to avoid clutter and a busy look. The floor lamp is the ultimate homeware choice for creating a layered aesthetic. What’s more, it offers the additional benefit of light and warmth. An incredibly effective way of executing minimalism without making a room look lifeless or cold. In the photo above you see how we've incorporated our Chalgrove Table Lamp, £75.00 and our Chalgrove Floor Lamp, £125.00 into a bedroom interior to adopt an asymmetrical and layered yet harmonious aesthetic.

Light up like a Christmas tree 

It's the festive season and we've just launched our Christmas collection of home decor! Alongside a gorgeously minimalist mossy wreath we've got lots of twinkling fairy light clad accessories that will add a sparkle of Christmas spirit to your interior space...

Introducing some of our light up Christmas range: 

White Tree with Warm LED Lights, £60.00


3D Christmas Tree, £20.50


Fir Christmas Tree, £16.50