Reclaimed Teak.


When its comes to reclaimed teak, Raft is a world expert. We are proud to be the world’s leading manufacturer and the world’s largest retailer of 100% recycled teak. Reclaimed teak is wood which has originally been used for something else – perhaps part of a building, a bridge or even ship decking – which is no longer needed and so can be recycled to be made into a beautiful piece of furniture. Our philosophy to strive for excellence means we lead the way in innovation in this field, constantly developing our processes to create furniture which is solid, dependable and affordable. Our UK designers develop exclusive product ranges and Raft has its own factory in central Indonesia, employing more than 300 highly skilled local artisans who create our wonderful designs from this beautiful timber. Raft has innovative state-of-the-art solar kilns to improve the longevity and quality of the teak in an environmentally-friendly and effective way. Our teak items look stunning – but what’s more we can vouch that forests were not cut down to make them. Each piece of our teak furniture is made to order – so our customers can be sure of an original, environmentally-friendly item gracing their home for years.


Teak finishes, blocking and inclusions

Raft dining tables are available in three different finishes: natural teak 1, dark teak 2 or unmilled teak 3. The natural finish showcases the individual character of reclaimed teak, featuring variations in colour and texture, alongside ‘blockings’ which fill in mortice and tenon joints with another piece of teak to allow for effective use of each piece of timber. The unmilled finish comes in a very similar, natural colour with the same individuality of the natural finish. It differs because it has not been planed and it therefore has a more rustic and textured surface. The dark finish has been applied with our exclusive company stain to give it a rich, mahogany colour.

What is reclaimed teak?

There are 17,000 islands in Indonesia where used teak is abundant. Traditionally teak was used for houses and other structures, but now new buildings are built with metal to withstand earthquakes -so there is a good supply.

This reclaimed teak has been seasoned for many years, producing a beautiful mature grain and rich colour unlike plantation woods. It is a very hard, heavy, strong wood and distinctively oily to the touch – this oil in the wood makes teak very durable.

The most sustainable furniture is made from recycled or reclaimed hardwoods as these are the most durable and are life and family-proof. Plus each piece is also unique and individual – nicks and marks are an inherent part of the furniture and a reminder of the historical character of the wood.

The old wood is cleared out of nails, hinges and holes and crafted into tables, chairs, cabinets – and the leftover pieces are made into small accessories.

Teak Root Table__027_Edited_floor

Selecting reclaimed timber

Years of using reclaimed teak has made Raft the expert in getting the best out of this beautiful timber.

Our teak is sourced in Indonesia and comes from a variety of places – old buildings, railway cars, shipping containers – even boats. The wood is carefully removed and with the help of our reliable and trustworthy sources we know where each piece comes from – so we can follow it through to its final use.

We like to get the most of the reclaimed teak – so nothing is wasted. Not only is this good for the environment it ensures that we can keep our prices fair. Every piece of timber is labelled and its size is recorded so it can be fitted with a final product to minimise wastage.

As part of this commitment to make the most from the earth’s valuable timber, our products are made to order or we may make some items to anticipate demand at certain times of the year. We produce to order to ensure valuable teak is not wasted and also that we need only minimal warehouse storage space, which reduces our costs so we can pass the savings straight on to our customers.

Preparing our reclaimed timber

You might wonder why wood which has already been used needs further preparation? Well, The teak may have been painted or the surface of the wood may have taken in moisture over time, therefore it needs to be sanded down and the timber must be dried.

That means treating timber in an innovative, sustainable way to give our customers the best possible furniture.

Drying timber removes excess moisture. The less moisture in the timber, the more long-lasting and solid the timber is.

Raft uses solar-powered kilns to do this, on site in Indonesia. Not only is this cutting edge, it’s environmentally friendly, cost-effective and provides employment for local people.

We are experts in getting the teak prepared to the best possible quality without any going to waste. Teak is dried for up to three weeks, depending on its particular needs. Timber must be stacked, turned and sawn correctly to make sure it never warps or splits – and our years of experience mean we know exactly what we are doing. Our expertise also means we can prepare beautifully thick pieces of teak which other manufacturing processes would not allow.

Our made-to-order system takes this preparation time into account when estimating delivery times for customers, although sometimes we are able to anticipate orders at certain times of the year, and so shorten waiting times.


Raft’s genius joinery

We’re passionate that our joinery work is the best. Our UK-based design team works closely alongside the highly-skilled indigenous carpenters and cabinet makers in Indonesia through every step of furniture production.

We love the tried-and-tested methods of making good, solid furniture which will last a generation, but we are always looking at new ways of getting the look we love.

For example, when we use our recycled teak we look at every design closely for any potential weakness or flaw. Even though we kiln dry our timber to optimum levels, in our design we still allow for any potential movement either by allowing the tops of benches, tables and tops to float or simply by adding movement bars to our 5cm table tops.

And we want our carpentry to be long-lasting. For example, we make sure all our biscuit joints are glued and doweled for additional strength. Raft is proud of the quality workmanship which goes in to create beautiful pieces of furniture to enhance your home.

Our Reclaimed Teak team

Raft oversees our reclaimed timber furniture production from start to finish making sure that our products are designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

Our team is made up of our on-site designers in the UK, who focus on developing new products and ensuring items are created to satisfy our customer’s love of style, quality and longevity.

In Indonesia, our team chooses the raw materials to make the best finished goods. Experts select and prepare timber to our strict requirements. They oversee the use of our unique advanced solar timber-drying system, which prolongs the life of our furniture in an environmentally-friendly way.

Highly-skilled indigenous artisans then create our furniture using the best carpentry methods.