How Raft’s handmade wooden tables are helping school kids in Indonesia...

Raft’s sustainably sourced teak comes from Indonesia, and we have our own factory in Yogyakarta, Java, employing local craftsman to make our furniture.

We don’t like anything to go to waste, so it was fantastic to be able to put some timber to good use recently when we provided 100 handmade desks for the children of the Sekolah Pantai and Sekolah Sungai schools in Yogyakarta.

The schools are supported by Project Child Indonesia, a local community-based NGO, working to alleviate poverty in the coastal and riverside communities of Indonesia. These communities are the ones most vulnerable to natural disasters and, increasingly, to pollution.

Project Child’s vision is for every child in Indonesia to have the opportunity to learn and to feel supported in a healthy, clean and safe environment.

The Sekolah Pantai (Beach School) and Sekolah Sungai (River School) focus on teaching children about basic health and the environment, while Project Child’s Drinking Water Program focuses on solving the nutritional problem in primary schools in Indonesia.

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You can read more about Project Child on their website.