From sideboards and cabinets to contemporary glass top tables and benches, here’s our guide to reclaimed teak dining room furniture...

Why teak is perfect for dining room furniture

Teak is an extremely durable wood, which is strong, hardy and will stand the test of time - making it an ideal material for the daily use of a dining table. 

The tight grain and rich, golden colour also make it one of the most beautiful materials for creating quality furniture. Raft’s 100% reclaimed teak from Java is seasoned in a solar kiln, helping to preserve its distinctive grain and warm colour. 


Teak sideboards - practical statement pieces

A reclaimed teak sideboard is a practical way of storing away your dinnerware and displaying your photos, dishes or ornaments, while also making a design statement.

The Peter range of sideboards has a combination of drawers and lockable cupboards, and is available in a natural or dark finish and a variety of widths, ranging from 150x50x90cm to 250x50x90cm and with 2,3,4 or 5 doors. 

Choose from the clean and minimalist Lifestyle Peter sideboard, and the Classic Peter sideboard

The more simple design of the Hudson 3-door sideboard really showcases the natural beauty of reclaimed teak. The Hudson is available in natural teak or dark teak finishes. 

You can browse our full range of teak sideboards here.


Teak storage cabinets

If you’re looking for additional space for displaying as well as storing your things, our glass door teak cabinets are handcrafted from 100% reclaimed teak and offer a combination of visible shelving and enclosed storage. 

The Lifestyle single door glass cabinet has a single glass door and four shelves, ideal for glassware, and three robust drawers for cutlery, etc. The Lifestyle comes in a range of sizes and styles, and is available in natural teak and dark teak finishes. For extra display space, the Lifestyle 2 door glass cabinet features five shelves and two lockable glass doors. 

If you need  a versatile storage solution a shop cabinet - or dresser - has a lockable glass section on top of an enclosed cabinet containing drawers and lockable hinged doors. See the Lifestyle shop cabinet here and the simpler Hudson shop cabinet here.

You can read more about teak storage cabinets in our guide here.


Teak dining tables 

The table is usually the focal point of the dining room. When choosing a dining table, think about the look and feel you want to create - from classic, elegant lines to contemporary style statements.  

The Lifestyle dining table offers a fresh, simple look. If you prefer the rustic look, go for  something like the Unmilled dining table or the Refectory dining table.

For a really striking modern style statement there’s the glass dining table with teak root base. Each teak root retains its original splits and knots, so every one is completely unique.

You can read our complete guide on how to choose a dining table here.


Reclaimed teak dining chairs and benches 

With dining room seating you can either go for matching styles, or deliberately mix and mismatch. 

For example, with the Lifestyle dining table you could match it with the simple, slatted Oasis chair - or go for a deliberate contrast with something like the Kamala, with a curved back, sloped armrests and a studded leather finish.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for versatile seating, think stools and benches. A teak bench is great for entertaining (you can squeeze lots of kids on them, for example), and of course they tuck away neatly under the table afterwards, so very handy if you don’t have a lot of room. A stool - like the teak Block stool - also makes for a useful addition dining seat.  

You can browse our full range of reclaimed teak dining chairs here.


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