Naturally beautiful and hard-wearing, reclaimed teak is a fabulous material for making stylish furniture that will last the course – and it’s perfect for crafting the bed of your dreams.

Here we take a look at why reclaimed teak is ideal for beds, and tell you everything you need to know when choosing a teak bed...

Natural strength

Teak has an abundance of rich natural oils and rubber, packed into a tight grain, making it an exceptionally strong and durable hardwood which can withstand the rigours of the weather and and which is resistant to rot, infestation, splintering or warping.

These qualities make teak a wonderful material to work with, and due to its natural strength and versatility it has been used over the course of many centuries to build a wide variety of different items – from ship decks and bridges to railway cars, houses and outdoor furniture. At Raft, each piece of our reclaimed teak is a little piece of history.

Beauty and style

As well as its natural strength, teak is an elegant and distinctive hardwood. Every reclaimed timber has its own natural markings, lending it real character and meaning that no two are ever quite the same – giving you a genuinely unique piece of furniture to treasure.

At Raft, our 100% FLEGT certified teak is seasoned in a solar kiln, which helps to preserve and improve its beautiful mature grain and natural warm, golden colour. From our own factory in Java, Indonesia, we employ over 300 skilled craftsmen to make a wide range of exclusive items, from rustic teak root tables to cabinets, garden furniture and of course beautiful beds.

Choosing a bed made from reclaimed teak means choosing a quality, environmentally-friendly and naturally beautiful bed, that will stand the test of time.

Choosing the perfect teak bed

At Raft, our reclaimed teak beds offer style, durability and a high level of comfort – whether you’re looking for modern minimalist lines, or the timeless elegance of a four-poster.

All of our beds are made to fit standard UK-sized mattresses, and are available in double, king or super king sizes.

What’s more, there’s no need to worry about assembly, as our experienced team can do this for you in situ.

Here’s our guide to choosing the perfect reclaimed teak bed...

Ball End Bed – classic style with a touch of fun

The Ball End Bed highlights the natural elegance of reclaimed teak, with its full-sized teak headboard – while the stylish ball end feature offers an extra point of interest.

The fully slatted base allows air to circulate, and there’s a useful space underneath for extra storage.

Lifestyle Bed – simplicity, with style

The Lifestyle Bed combines simplicity and style, with its clean lines and stylish headboard.

This bed also has a fully slatted base which lets the air circulate.

Hudson Bed – contemporary lines

Meanwhile, the Hudson offers sleek, modern lines which celebrate the beauty of reclaimed teak while offering a practical and versatile centrepiece for the bedroom.

Cube Bed – rustic beauty

As part of our unmilled bedroom range, the Cube Bed really showcases the grain and texture of our 100% reclaimed teak. A truly rustic style statement.

Milbrook Four Poster Bed – style for the everyday

Our Four Poster Bed captures the timeless elegance of a classic four-poster, with a contemporary, Raft touch. We let the teak speak.

At Raft, we turn our 100% sustainably sourced teak into beautiful and enduring pieces of furniture to suit any home or workspace. Browse the full range of beds and bedroom furniture here.