When it comes to bedside furniture, you need to think about space, size, storage and use, as well as style. And why not ethics too? Here’s a buyer’s guide to reclaimed teak bedside cabinets and furniture...

Whether you are going for something like a traditional bedside cabinet with a drawer and cupboard, or a small chest of drawers, or something simpler and more open, there are all sorts of things to think about when choosing bedside furniture. Style and personal taste are significant but practicality has an important role to play too.


Start with the bedside furniture basics

At Raft, we always recommend that, before making any furniture purchases, you make a note of key dimensions, starting with room size, and, when it comes to bedside furniture, the size of your bed (including the mattress) is crucial, not just in terms of width but height too.

The ideal bedside cabinet, chest or storage cube should stand just over five centimetres (two inches) above the top of your mattress. Trust us, it makes stretching across to pick something up or put it down, or turn off the bedside light or alarm clock, just that much easier and more ergonomic.

Next, you need to think about surface space. How much space do you need? What are the items you want to have within easy reach – a bedside light, a clock, a book, your phone or tablet (if you can’t bring yourself to leave them outside the bedroom), water or even a tea or coffee maker?

If your bedroom is tight on space or you just have a lot of stuff, your bedside furniture may need to double as storage space. If you are an avid reader, always to be found with books, magazines or newspapers close at hand, do you need somewhere to store them?

Check the amount of free space that’s left after factoring in the size of bed and any bedside furniture. Is there enough room to clean behind, beside and around – and how easy is it? You don’t want to have to transform yourself into Houdini, squeezing in and out of tight corners or awkward spaces every time you start using the vacuum cleaner.


Style, size and colour

At Raft, our range of reclaimed teak bedside furniture – cabinets, four-drawer chests and storage cubes – has something for everyone in terms of style and lifestyle. We’ve deliberately gone for simplicity, in various forms, to ensure that our bedside furniture is versatile enough to suit any type of décor. It’s also robust, sturdy and easy to use.

Raft bedside cabinets come in two styles – Lifestyle, with inset handles for a more contemporary look, and Classic, which features traditional cup handles. Our cabinets are 65 cms in height, with a 40cm square surface space, and a left or right hand opening.

Raft four-drawer chests are also available in Lifestyle and Classic designs and both styles come in two sizes: 45cms wide x 65cms high or 60 cms wide x 68 cms high. All our four-drawer chests are 40cms deep.

Raft storage cubes, which incorporate a shelf and back panel, are slightly lower, at 60cms high, with a 40cm square surface.

Raft bedside furniture is made from 100 per cent reclaimed teak and our cabinets and four-drawer chests are available in a natural or dark-stained finish. Our storage cubes are also available in an unmilled finish.


Bedside cabinets, drawers or cubes – what’s best for you?

Raft bedside cabinets

If bedroom floor space is a little tight, or you want storage space that combines a drawer for small things and a cupboard for larger items – or those piles of books – a square-topped Lifestyle or Classic cabinet could be ideal. The cabinet unit features a lock and key so it’s perfect if you need to think about safety – to keep small people away from things they shouldn’t touch, such as medication – or to ensure that those private papers stay that way. All our cabinets offer the convenience of left or right-hand opening, so you won’t necessarily have to get out of bed to reach for what you need!


Raft four-drawer chests

If shortage of storage rather than floor space is the problem, a four-drawer Lifestyle or Classic bedside chest may be the answer. It gives you plenty of room for storing smaller items of clothing and other essential or random items that you like to keep nearby . . . glasses, earphones, or maybe a notepad and pen for recording those middle-of-the-night, light bulb thoughts and ideas. If you have the floor space and need maximum storage and more surface space, opt for the wider version in either style. Four-drawer chests  also offer versatility and would be equally useful and stylish in a home office, for example.


Raft storage cubes

Going for a streamlined look or have limited bedside floor space or a lower bed? A storage cube could work perfectly; they’re an open version of a cabinet, compact and simple, but still with room to store essentials and perfect for books and magazines. Just like Raft four-drawer chests, they’re a versatile piece of furniture and could be used as side tables in the sitting room.


While you’re thinking about bedside furniture

Why not take a look at Raft’s chest of drawers range, which includes Lifestyle and Classic designs in different sizes.

If you really don’t do mornings, try one of these recommended light alarm clocks, which will ease you into your day the way nature intended.

And finally . . .

Raft reclaimed teak, most of which is at least 70 years old, wears it history proudly – the original marks and indentations are part of its charm. But if you’re worried about dealing with new marks or stains on your bedside furniture, our care guide will show you just how easy it is to keep it looking special – and unique.

Raft is one of the world's largest retailers of 100% recycled teak, which we turn into stunning and enduring furniture for the home and workplace. Browse the full range of Raft bedside furniture here.