A reclaimed teak bookcase provides the perfect backdrop for storing and displaying your favourite reads. Here’s our guide to choosing the right bookcase for your needs...

Books are wonderful things. As well as being a treasure trove of information, they offer somewhere to escape to and become truly immersed in. In this digital age, there’s nothing quite so comforting as snuggling down in bed or on the sofa of an evening with a nice physical, tactile book.

However, if you’re an avid reader, you’ll know that those beloved tomes can quickly mount up and before you know it you have quite an impressive home library on your hands!

At Raft, our beautiful teak bookcases will allow you to display your books tidily, and with pride.


Why reclaimed teak is ideal for bookcases

Of course, as well as allowing you to showcase your favourite reads, a teak bookcase also provides a beautiful backdrop against which to display precious ornaments, photographs and objet d’art.

Teak is well known for its elegance and durability. Its tight grain and rich natural oils make it naturally strong and hard-wearing. These qualities, together with its warm, golden colour make it the perfect material for crafting sturdy and stylish bookcases that will provide a beautiful centrepiece in any living room, dining room or office for many years to come.

Our 100% reclaimed teak is seasoned in a solar kiln, helping to improve and preserve the distinctive grain and colour. Every piece of reclaimed teak has its own natural markings, giving each piece of furniture its own unique character.


Choosing the right teak bookcase

At Raft, we have a range of teak bookcases designed to suit your needs and some of our bookcases also come with some rather special hidden extras!


Bookcases that maximise shelf space

If shelf storage is paramount, our homely Lifestyle bookcase has plenty of space for displaying books and other prized possessions five shelves, in fact.

Measuring in at 100x35x200cm, the Lifestyle is available in a choice of natural teak and dark teak.


Bookcases with additional storage

If you’re looking for a decent amount of shelving but also some extra storage for tucking those knick-knacks away, try a bookcase with drawers the Lifestyle bookcase with two drawers is available in natural teak and dark teak, and comes in two sizes (approx.100x35x200cm and 100x45x200cm).


Meanwhile, the Classic bookcase with two drawers features lovely curved edging at the top, together with stylish cup handles. The Classic is available in natural teak and dark teak, and measures 100x35x200cm.


Bookcases with added extras

And now for a bookcase with an added twist… the Hidden bookcase.

At first glance it may appear to be a normal, contemporary bookcase albeit a particularly beautiful one. However, look closer and you’ll find a Hidden secret… as well as its generous shelving, this bookcase also sports clever pull out drawers between the shelves, as well as hidden compartments on the side for squirrelling away that special Folio edition of Shakespeare, or perhaps that vintage single malt you’re saving for a special occasion.

The Hidden bookcase is available in a natural or dark teak finish, and comes in a choice of  small, medium and large depending on how many things you’re looking to hide.

At Raft, we make beautiful and enduring furniture for the home and office. You can view our range of stunning teak bookcases here.