Practical, well-made and striking - home accessories like coat stands, planters and mirrors are an opportunity to make a statement. Here are some of our favourites, to inspire you...

It was great to see The Independent putting our teak branch handmade coat stand at the top of their recent ‘10 Best Coat Stands’ round-up.

The author Rachel Tompkins liked the fact that it was sturdy (nice heavy concrete base) and practical (the different hook levels are useful). But also because it’s a striking statement piece. As she put it:

Because of the fact it’s made from fallen branches, no two stands are the same...The stark contrast between the man-made concrete base and the natural wood reminded us of Salvador Dali’s surrealist work, and makes for an incredibly unusual, eye-catching coat stand, which works as a piece of art in its own right.

We think that sums up what home accessories are all about. They should be useful, well-designed and well-made - ideally from high quality, ethical materials. But they can also be works of art and striking conversation pieces.


Our teak branch coat stand styled by Kat of Life at Number 63. Image credit.[/caption]


Here are five more areas where you can take the opportunity to make a big bold design statement with home accessories…

1. Mirrors

Mirrors are so much more than reflective surfaces for brushing your teeth in - they’re a key weapon in home decor: for creating light and space, opening up small rooms and being pieces of wall art in their own right.

And mirrors needn’t be ornate and overly fussy to make a statement. At Raft we like simple, natural frames, like this large mirror made from 100% reclaimed teak.

You can browse all our mirrors here.


2. Lighting

Lights of course perform an essential function, but they’re also a great chance to bring a bit of serious design into your home. From Frank Lloyd Wright to Arne Jacobsen, throughout the 20th century it was common practice for the world’s most innovative designers and architects to create floor lamps and table lamps.

Our Belledonne floor lamp (above) is Inspired by midcentury modern classics like the 1962  Castiglioni Arco floor light - and is ideal for overhanging a sofa. Browse our lighting range here.


3. Planters and pots

If you’re a plant-lover, you’ll know that vases and pots are a great opportunity to bring some sculpture or pottery into your home. At Raft we’re big fans of concrete as a material for containing plants - as well as the solidity and durability, we love that contrast of the natural and the manmade.

Check out our range of concrete pots, vases and planters here.


4. Coffee tables

Usually the centrepiece of a sitting room, the coffee table is another highly practical feature of everyday living that doubles as a chance to showcase some design. Styles of coffee table have come and gone with popular fashion trends - but of course at Raft we like the timeless and the unusual. And we really like teak.

In fact, our teak root round glass coffee table is probably one of our best known and most distinctive designs. You can shop it and our other coffee tables here.


5. Tableware

And if you have a statement table, why not have some statement tableware for it? Space tends to be at a premium in today’s homes, so it’s handy if your useful objects (fruit bowls etc) are also striking ornaments in their own right.

We’re really happy with our range of solid teak bowls, individually handcrafted by our team in Indonesia, and each one completely unique. They always start a conversation - which is exactly what statement accessories are supposed to do!


Browse the full range of Raft home accessories here.


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