Considering buying a teak coffee table? From simple, classic pieces to striking contemporary statements, here's everything you need to know...

Reclaimed teak is a fantastic material for striking, beautiful furniture that’s made to last. We use it for everything from beds to garden furniture – but we’re very proud of our range of coffee tables. Here’s what you need to know...

Why choose a teak coffee table?

A coffee table is so much more than a handy place to put your latte – it's the centrepiece of a sitting room, and a chance to make a real design statement. Which is where teak comes in.

Teak is one of the most elegant and durable natural materials. Coming from the tropical hardwood tree, Tectona grandis, teak is a strong, hardwearing and attractive wood which is ideal for making high quality items that will stand the test of time.

Strength and durability
Originating from Southeast Asia, teak has been used to make a wide range of different things over the centuries, including boats, bridges, railway cars and buildings – not to mention beautiful furniture!

Teak contains a large amount of natural oils and rubber, held within a tight grain, which also makes it resistant to weathering, dry rot and pests, and means that unlike many other woods, it doesn't require any additional treatment.

Natural elegance
Teak is both timeless and distinctive, which makes it perfect for use in any living room, from traditional to more contemporary settings.

Our reclaimed teak has been seasoned for many years, resulting in a beautiful mature grain with a rich colour.

At Raft, we are the world's leading manufacturer of recycled teak. From our factory in central Indonesia, we employ more than 300 highly skilled local artisans to create beautiful and exclusive designs from pre-existing items.

We make our furniture to order, and prepare our teak to the best possible quality and highest longevity using state-of-the-art solar kilns. All of this means that you can enjoy unique, stylish, practical and environmentally-friendly items that you can be as proud of as we are!


Choosing the perfect teak coffee table

At Raft, we offer a range of different styles of coffee table, from simple, classic designs to sleek modern lines and statement items – and all paying tribute to the natural beauty of reclaimed teak.

Cube coffee tables – simple and elegant

If you're looking for a simple but elegant coffee table, our Cube coffee table offers clean lines and practicality, combined with the sturdiness and natural beauty of teak.

The Cube also includes a shelf for useful storage, and is available in natural teak or with a dark stained finish, and comes in a variety of different sizes.


Tamara coffee table – contemporary lines

Or if a more modern look is your thing, the stylish low-set Tamara coffee table offers sleek lines and a contemporary feel.


12-drawer coffee tables – stylish space savers

If you're struggling for space and in need of some additional storage, our range of 12 drawer coffee tables could be the perfect solution. As well as providing a gorgeous central feature (and of course a place to rest your coffee), these stylish space savers will help to keep the rest of your living or dining room neat and clutter-free.

Choose from two designs: the Lifestyle or the Classic, both of which come with the option of a natural teak or dark teak finish.

Teak root coffee tables – stunning centerpieces

Meanwhile, if you're looking for a striking piece, our Teak Root coffee table offers just that. It features an iconic teak root salvaged from Indonesian swamp land, sitting in all its natural glory atop a white metal frame.

Finally, for the ultimate statement piece, look no further than the Teak Root Round Glass coffee table. It offers a stunning centrepiece for your living room, combining a sleek contemporary toughened glass top with a beautiful reclaimed teak root with all of its natural features.

A genuinely bespoke work of art, which really celebrates the unique and distinctive qualities of teak.

The table is available in a range of different sizes and shapes.


At Raft, we are the one of the world's largest retailers of 100% recycled teak, which we turn into stunning and enduring furniture for the home and workplace.  Browse the full Raft range of coffee tables here.