Reclaimed teak is ideal for making beautiful storage solutions which are robust and versatile. Here’s our guide to choosing the teak storage cabinet that’s right for you... 

Having the right storage plays an important part in creating a space that feels and looks both welcoming and stylish. As well as helping to keep your possessions in order and minimise clutter, our range of stunning teak storage cabinets will add elegance and interest to any space.


Why teak is ideal for making cabinets

Teak is an extremely elegant and durable hardwood. Coming from the Tectona grandis tree, teak wood is native to south and southeast Asia. Its unique qualities mean it has been used for a range of different purposes over the centuries, from railway sleepers and boat decks, to bridges and flooring - and of course beautiful furniture.

The tight grain and rich natural oils in teak wood mean that it is naturally strong, hard-wearing and resistant to warping, weathering and pest infestations. These qualities, combined with its distinctive warm, golden colour, make teak a very attractive material for creating furniture that looks incredible and will stand the test of time.

At Raft, we employ highly skilled artisans at our own factory in central Indonesia to craft beautiful and eco-friendly furniture from our 100% reclaimed teak.


Choosing the right teak storage cabinet

When it comes to finding the right cabinet, it’s important to choose something that will meet your storage requirements, while allowing you to display your favourite pieces in style.

At Raft, our teak cabinets come in a range of sizes and designs, from glass cabinets to shop cabinets, and will look fabulous in a variety of different settings.

Glass cabinets - for displaying in style

Carefully handcrafted from our 100% reclaimed teak, the Lifestyle glass cabinet, with its contemporary lines and natural beauty, will add a touch of sophistication to any room. With a single glass door, four shelves and three sturdy drawers, at 65x45x220cm it’s an ideal size for the bathroom - perfect for storing away towels and displaying your favourite lotions and cosmetics.

Alternatively, you can use the Lifestyle glass cabinet in the living or dining room to showcase glassware or ornaments, while storing away cutlery or other items.

For added versatility, the cabinet is available with either left or right hand opening. Choose from natural teak or dark teak finishes.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for some additional display space, at 100x50x200cm the Lifestyle two door glass cabinet will suit most living or dining rooms. Made from 100% reclaimed teak, it has two lockable doors and five levels for displaying your favourite pieces. The cabinet comes fully assembled.

And now for something a little different… If you’re looking to display a collection of glassware and dinnerware, our 10-door glass cabinet has five shelves for storage, while its 10 doors open individually, allowing for easy access. Measuring in at 100x50x300cm, the 100% reclaimed teak lends the piece a warm and natural look.

Choose from Lifestyle or Classic designs, and a natural or dark teak finish.

Shop cabinets - for versatile storage

If you’re looking for a versatile storage cabinet, which allows you to display your favourite pieces while tidily storing away other items, a shop cabinet - or dresser - could be the answer.

Consisting of a lockable glass top section for display purposes, and an enclosed bottom section with two drawers and lockable hinged doors, the Lifestyle shop cabinet is made from 100% reclaimed teak and is a truly elegant and enduring piece. It also comes in a choice of finishes and sizes (100x35/50x200cm or 150x35/50x200cm).

Meanwhile, for the ultimate combination of display space and storage space, the Hudson shop cabinet in natural teak is notable for its simple sophistication. With its uncomplicated styling, the Hudson will look good in any home and allow you to showcase your possessions, along with the natural beauty of reclaimed teak.

Raft is one of the world’s largest retailers of recycled teak, which we turn into stunning and enduring furniture for the home and workplace. You can browse the full range of Raft teak storage cabinets here.