From stylish sharing bowls to contemporary serving boards, here’s everything you need to know about teak tableware…

Teak is a fabulous wood for making stunning tableware that’s hard-wearing, durable and will make a real style statement.

At Raft, we’re experts in using reclaimed teak to make striking and distinctive products that will also stand the test of time.

Why teak makes great tableware

Teak (tectona grandis) is a tropical hardwood which grows in Indonesia. Its natural strength and versatility mean that it has been used to manufacture a wide variety of objects over the centuries, from ship decking and bridges, to household furniture and accessories.

What’s more, its beautiful dense grain and rich colour, together with its natural water-resistant properties, make teak an ideal product for adding that extra touch of style to your dining table.

At Raft, we have our own factory in central Indonesia, employing highly skilled local artisans to create our wonderful designs, including our range of practical and distinctive tableware. Our teak tableware is made with a natural food grade safe finish, ensuring both hygiene and durability.

Choosing the right teak tableware

With today’s busy lifestyles, sometimes we don’t have much spare time to spend on dressing the dining table. However, whether you’re feeding the family or hosting a dinner for friends, you can instantly add a touch of interest and elegance to your table with teak tableware.

Teak wood tear plates – for distinctive dining

If you want to serve dinner in style, the natural beauty and distinctive shape of our teak wood tear plate offers an attractive and eye-catching option for the dining table. Every one of our tear plates is a unique piece of reclaimed and repurposed teak. Available in large and small sizes.

Tapered teak bowls – for snacking with style

Our handmade tapered teak bowls are ideal for serving food with that extra flourish.

The large tapered teak bowl measures 24 x 15 cm, which makes it the perfect size for sharing salads, nibbles and other snacks. Meanwhile, measuring in at 15 x 7 cm, the medium bowl is great for serving individual desserts or chips.

And for table snacks and dips with a difference, why not try the small tapered teak bowl, at 10 x 6 cm.

Teak serving boards – for a striking statement

When you’re entertaining, if you really want to make a statement try presenting your food on a teak serving board.

Our teak serving boards are both practical and striking, and can add real character to dinner time. Available in small and large sizes.

Teak planters – for added vibrancy

To finish off the look of your table, why not add an extra level of decoration with some teak root planters?

Our teak pots have been carefully crafted from the root of a teak tree and really showcase the beautiful qualities of reclaimed teak wood. Simply add in some green plants or herbs to lend that extra vibrancy to your dinner table.

Teak armrests – for cosy nights in

Meanwhile, if you fancy a night off – and let’s face it, we all need one from time to time – our original teak sofa armrest offers a beautiful and practical place to put your drink or snack, so you can just sit back and relax, without worrying about the safety of your sofa! Available in medium and large sizes.

Solid teak bowls – the ultimate style statement

Finally, the piece de resistance – our solid teak bowl, which is individually hand crafted and creates a truly stunning centrepiece for your table.

With its gorgeous natural features, the Raft teak bowl offers bags of rustic character and is stylish enough to have on display all year around, not just at mealtimes!

At Raft, we are one of the world’s leading retailers of 100% recycled teak, which we turn into stunning, enduring and sustainable objects for the home and workplace. You can see Raft’s full range of tableware and accessories here.