There’s nothing quite like hunkering down on the sofa at the end of a long day and chilling out with a nice glass of wine and your favourite TV programme. Now you can watch television in style, with our handy guide to teak TV stands…

These days, the TV is often a focal point in the living room. When you’re choosing a TV stand, you need something that’s both elegant and practical. Here are some top tips on what to look out for:


Size and positioning

Your TV stand should be at least as wide as the TV itself, and as a rule of thumb you should add an extra 20% to this, to help avoid any overhang and to ensure the TV is stable and level. (Remember to bear in mind that TV screens are measured diagonally, while a TV stand is measured as a standard width.) If you want to display any other objects around the TV, opt for a TV stand with a bigger tabletop space.

For comfortable viewing, the TV should be positioned as close as possible to eye level, with the middle of the TV positioned around your line of sight.

Style and finish

One of the great things about teak wood is its beautiful natural grain and warm colour, which work well in any setting. A reclaimed teak TV stand will look at home among a range of different styles and colour themes.

Many of our teak TV stands are available in a choice of natural teak or dark teak finishes. The natural teak finish really showcases the rustic beauty of the grain, while the darker finish will complement a more traditional style of decor.

Strength and durability

When you're choosing a TV stand, you need it to be strong and robust. Teak is a naturally hardy and ultra durable wood, which has been used for a wide range of different purposes over the centuries, from construction and boat building, to making furniture that's will last for years to come - even in the busiest of family homes.


Another important thing to consider when you’re choosing a TV stand is storage. TVs today come hand in hand with cable boxes, DVD and Blu-ray players, consoles and a host of wiring and other related paraphernalia, which can very quickly start to look messy and cluttered.

Many TV stands also have cutout holes to enable the safe, easy and tidy management of all those cables.


Choosing a teak TV stand

Our reclaimed teak TV stands come in a range of different sizes and styles, and with a variety of storage options - from open shelving, to closed cabinets and handy drawers for stashing away those remotes, manuals or other clutter, out of sight. Here’s the lowdown on choosing the teak TV stand that suits your needs.

TV cabinets

For smaller living spaces, the Lifestyle TV cabinet is compact and practical, measuring in at 90x48x60cm. Featuring two shelves and two drawers with attractive handles, it has plenty of room for safely storing your TV and your favourite DVDs. Made from 100% reclaimed teak, the cabinet is available in natural teak and dark teak finishes.


Meanwhile, for larger spaces, the Hudson TV cabinet offers plenty of shelving and drawer storage, as well as cutout holes for your cables, and measures 150x50x50cm.


Entertainment units

If you’re looking for a bit more storage space, an entertainment unit might fit the bill. The Lifestyle Long Low TV cabinet comes in a choice of sizes (130x48x50cm and 150x50x50cm). The unit includes two shelves and four drawers which offer plenty of storage, as well as a broader tabletop space. It also has cutout holes for hiding away those pesky cables.

The cabinet is available in natural teak or dark teak finishes.

Hi-Fi TV cabinets

Finally, if you have a lot of electronic media, a Hi-Fi TV cabinet offers a good all-round storage solution. The Lifestyle Hi-Fi TV cabinet has two shelves, five drawers and an enclosed cabinet, so you can keep all your gadgets together. The cabinet has cutout holes for cables and is available in two sizes (150x50x65cm and 170x50x65cm).


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