Home office ideas for small spaces... and all other types of homes

"Home office ideas" has been trending for the last couple of months in the UK; we're over our make shift kitchen table station and are looking for a home office that is both professional and cozy. When space is at a premium, a home office may seem like a stretch, but working from home in a small space is easy when you know how to work with your interiors. Not only are we speaking as interior designers and furniture aficionados... we're also speaking from experience. Currently sat at a home office desk typing this on a laptop, sipping on a cup of tea from a brand new mug, accompanied by an indoor plant and a framed map of Manhattan... We've got a ton of home office ideas, trust us.   

Choosing the perfect home office desk 

What type of home office desk is right for you? Are you in the creative industry, in need of space for inspiration and clutter? Are you big on organisation and in need of maximum storage solutions and order? Or, are you working from home in a small apartment and dreaming of a chic office space but can't seem to work out how a home office is possible at all?! 

The perfect home office desk for a small space: 

1. The Hudson Office Desk 

We love it for its sleek design and the fact that it takes up hardly any space! The grain of the teak is unique in each piece and serves rustic elegance! Accommodating a small storage cabinet with 3 drawers underneath, this office desk has it all. 

home office ideas hudson desk and velvet chair

The best lamps for a home office

1. Chalgrove Table Lamp 

A desk lamp in your home office is a fail safe staple. However, it's hard to find the balance between efficient lighting and a good looka. Often, the best looking lamps give off a moody ambient glow but right now... that's not what we're after. The Chalgrove is clean and simple but with an industrial flare that makes it a cool desk centrepiece. 

2. Chalgrove Floor Lamp 

A floor lamp isn't the most obvious go-to when planning a home office space. A desk lamp is the natural first thought. However, we are huge advocates of freeing up space on the desk or table. A decluttering design is always a good idea, in our books. 

3. Domme Floor Lamp 

Sleek and elegant, the Domme Floor Lamp doesn't come with the usual small space anxiety... its charm is in its subtlety. The antique brass finish is beautiful and the elongated neck makes it the perfect overhead light when you're working at your desk. 

home office ideas chalgrove lamp

How to accessorise your home office space

Accessorising your home office is all about pairing minimalism and practicality with a fresh and personalised style. Transforming the thought of sitting down at your desk from back to work blues to a personal retreat, Raft knows the styling secrets.

1. Make it personal 

Working from home comes with the added benefit of limitless opportunity to personalise your space. When personalising your office at work, family photos are often the way. However, now you're working from home, you're most likely already amidst family photos and memorabilia. For this reason, we love framed prints, small sculptures, a proud trophy or whatever else speaks to you, personally! These things will serve as design features and personal pick me ups.  

2. Wall Clock 

Staring at a screen all day can be draining and really takes a toll on your eyes. Investing in a wall clock for your office is a decision that may seem unnecessary at the moment but trust us when we say it'll transform the way you work. Looking up once in a while is an underrated luxury in this golden age of technology. Adding these details to your home office will make all the difference. Our Collingwood Wall Clock has a brass antique finish and makes the perfect addition to a period or modern industrial home. 

home office ideas collingwood wall clock

3. Indoor plants 

We really can't do enough to promote the addition of indoor plants to your home. There are just so many benefits for your mental and respiratory health, as well as the general aesthetic of a room. With the ability to reduce stress, clean the air and reduce noise levels, indoor plants are the ultimate home office hack. Whether it's a hanging plant or is proudly sat in one of our concrete planters (the perfect plant pairing texture), you won't regret the decision to add an indoor plant to your home office. Check out our Concrete Hurricane Planter, Concrete Floor Planter and Concrete Rectangle Planter!

 4. Diffusers

There's no question that your home office needs a diffuser. You're spending a large proportion of your day sat in one space and once the colder months hit, leaving a window open won't always be favourable. Choose a fresh diffuser that you don't have elsewhere in your house, to draw a distinction between work and rest. 

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