Fabric Sofas

The following guide is to be used as a tool to aid in the upkeep of your product:

We have a large selection of high quality fabrics from velvets, linen, chenille’s, viscose and cotton mixes to jacquard weaves. We do not recommend spot cleaning your fabric sofa with heavy detergents as these generally make the blemish worse.

Regularly plump and turn your cushions to help prolong the life of your covers. Most of our fabrics are dry cleanable only whilst others can be machine washed. Please contact our customer service department for advice on your individual item. If you have a fixed cover sofa that requires cleaning, there are specialist cleaning companies that we can recommend.

If you require further help please contact us on 020 8450 5078 or send us an email to customerservice@raftfurniture.co.uk

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