Linea Floating Shelf

The following guide is to be used as a tool to aid with the assembly of your product, please seek a professional fitter if you are unsure about how to perform the assembly.

Tools list:

Spirit Level
Rawl plugs/Screws
Screw Driver
Spanner (optional)

1. Unpack your floating shelves and insert the two (included) mounting brackets without pushing them in entirely. Make sure your brackets are oriented correctly as per the image below (not upside down).

2. To mark the location of the brackets, first locate your shelf in its correct position on the wall, then draw around three sides of each bracket. Check your marks are straight using a spirit level, and adjust if necessary.

3. The type of rawl plugs and screws needed will depend on the type of wall it will affix to. Seek professional advice if unsure.

4. Once mounted to the wall, check your brackets are fixed firmly in place then slide your shelf over the brackets as shown in the diagram below. 

5. If necessary, you can adjust the height and incline of each bracket. The height can be adjusted via the elongated screw holes and incline by turning the main support pin using a spanner.


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