Who needs another toaster??

Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or other special event, RAFT can create a gift list tailor made for you.

With RAFT you can create the perfect gift list with not just the small household bits and pieces – finally you can get the sofa you’ve had your eye on for years and create the perfect home!

How does it work?

1. Create an account on the main RAFT website at

2. After you’ve registered your account, browse through the products adding your items for the gift list to your cart. 

2. Stop once you get to the checkout

3. Email us your name and contact number and one of our friendly gift list account managers will be in touch.

4. We will create a web page for you where your friends and family can view and purchase all your products online. Click here to see an example page

5. We will upload an image of your choice for your personalised webpage.

6. Click here to see an example page

Log-in or Register to create your account and start making your ideal list!