Interior Design


Would you like help redesigning a room or a larger project?

If so, our Interior design team are here to guide and help you achieve the look you want and if you need inspiration, we have all the tools at our fingertips.

Here is how it works:

  • Starting with inspiration
    A short telephone conversation with one of our team to discuss your project – whether it is one room or the whole house – will be followed up with a site visit where we can look at fabrics which we have chosen especially for you. We will discuss your home – who lives there, inspirations, budget etc. Following that we will take all measurements of your space and the creative part of the project will begin here.
  • Designing your space
    Within 15 days you will be invited to one of our stores for a presentation. This will include a 3D representation of your room with suggested products, fabrics and colour recommendations. We like you to have choice so we will provide a couple of options for you to look at.
  • Making it happen
    Our craftsmen will now begin making your furniture and putting your project together. Upon completion your furniture will be delivered by our expert in-house delivery team at a time of your convenience. And of course, they will make sure that your home is left looking fabulous!

Enter your contact details and a brief summary of your project using the form below, and our team will be in touch.