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  • "This sofa, however, is my DREAM SOFA . Just trust me when I tell you that it's the comfiest thing I've ever watched television on."- Zoella
  • [Raft has an] 'Eye for design that produces brand new antiques - city chic that is a hit'- John Timpson(Chairman, Timpson)
  • "Raft are determined the business will not contribute to deforestation"- The Telegraph
  • "The soft, rounded edges of this corner sofa make it a piece that will suit any style of interior. Available in a choice of leathers and fabrics, it is a sofa that has a pleasingly timeless quality about it."- Homes & Gardens
  • "First, a confession: I own this sofa. It earned its place on this list as every single person who sits on it comments on how comfy it is. Many friends have crashed out on it without bothering to get out the (optional) sofa bed. British-made, and its available in hundreds of fabrics and comes with scatter cushions."- The Independent
  • "The beauty of RAFT's website is that the scatter cushions don't need to be the same fabric as the body of the sofa - a step towards bespoke furniture that's sustainable and affordable."- Good Housekeeping
  • "RAFT is a furniture and accessories company which has built up a reputation for blending beautiful, simple designs with ethical values."- In+Ex
  • "Raft is one of those companies you feel you should have always known about, because all its stuff is so gorgeous. The company's ethos is to design furniture to last but with ecologically sound principles."- Mail Online
  • "What made RAFT's contribution particularly outstanding was to draw the public's attention to that of the FSC Recycled label, and the truly sustainable role reclaimed timber can play in the furniture industry."- Charles Thwaites, MBE(Executive Director - The Forest Stewardship Council UK)