About Us

EST. 1999

Heinz Frye and Mick Quinn founded Raft in 1999 and remain Managing Directors today, alongside their families and a longstanding team of interior designers and furniture fanatics. Mick was born and raised in North London by his single mother, motivating his and Heinz's mission to give back to the local community. Specialising in handmade in London sofas and reclaimed teak furniture, sustainability is at the heart of what Raft has been since 1999. Today, Raft is proudly made up of five sofa factories in Wembley, a reclaimed teak factory in Indonesia and four showrooms nationally. In August 2022, Raft opened its biggest flagship store in the home quarter of Westfield, London, making Raft the largest British manufacturer and retailer in any Westfield Shopping Centre.


For the lives of our workers


We are proud to be a team of skilled artisans and diverse human beings. From North London to Yogyakarta, the people are what makes Raft so incredible. More than most, the livelihood of the individuals who work for us in Indonesia depends on us. Supporting our team in Java beyond work, we are humbled to help wherever we can. From donating furniture to schools in Java to planting trees and paying to support families after the eruption of Mount Merapi, we are constantly reminded how precious life is. Your custom keeps these people going and we can never thank you enough.

For the life of our planet


Style shouldn’t cost the planet. We only use sustainably sourced materials and as we grow bigger, this will not change. Our furniture is designed and handmade by us. When curating our accessories collection and sourcing components of our furniture, we refuse to import anything from countries that enforce oppressive regimes. Our values won’t allow us to take shortcuts that harm the planet or the people in it.

For the life of our furniture


In order to ensure that our furniture is durable, we only use high quality materials and craftsmanship. Our furniture is a timeless investment that strikes the perfect balance between form and function. We have specialised in reclaimed teak since the beginning. A virtually indestructible material with a long history giving it authenticity and character, teak is the gift that keeps on giving. As for our sofas, we love that our factory is in North London so we can control the quality.

Our Factory in London


If our timber is sourced and seasoned in Java, why are our sofas handmade in London? Mick and Heinz explain that it’s a combination of common sense, ethics and a dash of creativity.

“We wanted sofas made to the highest standards - like our teak furniture - distinctive designs rendered in the best materials. Fabrics, frames, springs and so on. The only way we could get the sofas we wanted for our customers was to build our own Raft factory. Manufacturing locally also means we can adapt specifications and update styles very easily and that’s important for our sofa customers” - Heinz

Each sofa is handmade with care by our skilled team of upholsterers, frame makers, cutters and machinists. For sofa frames, Raft only uses certified hardwood from responsibly-managed European forests. Our range of over 9000 fabrics includes 80% recycled cotton, 100% natural cotton, linen, unbleached linen and wool, mostly from European weaving sheds. As for our leather, we insist on sourcing from tanneries which meet strict European regulations and animal welfare standards, and which cure, preserve and tan leather properly.


“It’s about a whole approach to how you do business. It makes sense to use reclaimed teak for furniture. Not only is it a beautiful, weathered material that is effectively indestructible. It’s also the right thing to do.” - Mick Quinn

Raft is renowned for the reclaimed teak that we source and dry in Indonesia. The fact that teak can grow without fertilisers or heavy irrigation makes it the best wood if you don't want the production of your furniture to have taken a toll on the environment. The natural oils that reside in teak make it an eco-friendly choice due to its being pest-resistant, meaning it doesn't need any insecticides and chemicals. Naturally weather-resistant, teak is the perfect material for both indoor and outdoor furniture. With an abundance of natural oils readily locked into the makeup of the teak, it is naturally durable and won't rot. In this way, the FLEGT certified teak Raft uses is sustainable to source and will last a lifetime in your home.

Characterised by an organic authenticity, no two reclaimed teak products are the same. Our skilled team of artisans in Indonesia and London understand the beauty of natural teak and don't over-polish it, paying tribute to the roots of the material.


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