Where are Raft sofas made?

Where are Raft sofas made?

Raft sofas are made in London. We make our sofas by hand, ourselves and we are so proud to be one of the few retailers that can say this. This is important for us for so many reasons. It's about the people who work here. It's about the bespoke service we can promise. It's about the environment. 

Are all Raft sofas made in England, or just "most"?

Every single Raft sofa is handmade in England. There are no exceptions. We don't believe in false marketing at the expense of our customers because when all is said and done, we want you to be proud to own your sofa and not regret missing the small print. Raft sofas being manufactured in England is part of our identity. 

We have a fantastic sofa factory in Wembley made up of a small and highly skilled team of frame makers, fabric cutters, sewers, upholsterers and wrappers. This is where every single fabric sofa is handmade from start to finish. In Manchester, find the specialists who make our leather sofas and sofa beds. No detail is missed and no corners are cut.

Why are local, handmade sofas best?

Buying local has become a priority for shoppers all over the country in recent years. But why? We've been doing it this way since the beginning but with the surge in interest, everybody is asking what is so special about locally handmade sofas.
1. Honest Pricing 

With Brexit increasing prices everywhere, people are keen to ensure that however much money they are spending, the product they are buying is good value for money and an honest price.
2. Supporting your local community 

With the pandemic forcing us inside, people realised how important it is the protect their local community and small businesses. Through shopping locally, we have the opportunity to ensure local people keep their jobs and with a manufacturer and retailer based in London, such as Raft, this is never more possible. 
The fact that Raft's factory is located in Wembley, just a few minutes drive from our first store in Cricklewood, demonstrates just how dedicated to staying local we are.
3. Bespoke down to the very last detail
The fact that our sofa factory is just down the road in North London means that your bespoke orders are truly personal to you. If you come into your local showroom and come up with your own design with one of our managers, they will personally communicate with the factory to ensure that the finished product will match your vision. If a sofa isn't handmade this simply isn't possible and if a sofa is made too far away, it's difficult to monitor. Buying a locally handmade sofa is the only way to get the best of both worlds. 

4. Protecting the environment & people

Buying your sofa from a retailer that manufactures them by hand locally is one of the most ethically astute decisions you can make when furnishing your home. You should know where your product has come from and who has made it. To put it bluntly, nobody should have to suffer for you to sit on a sofa.


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