Our sustainable, luxury sofas are handmade in London. Our skilled team of designers and artisans have curated a timeless sofa collection that offers something for everyone.Read More Whether your style is contemporary or traditional, our range of models and bespoke service ensures that your dream sofa, armchairs, sofa beds or corner unit is from Raft.

Raft stands for conscious consumerism. We encourage our customers to compare the style, quality, and workmanship of our handmade sofas with others on the market.

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  1. Melrose Sofa Bed
    Melrose Sofa Bed
    From £2,317.00
  2. Melrose Sofa Bed with Chaise
    Melrose Sofa Bed with Chaise
    From £2,955.00
  3.  Melrose Corner Sofa Bed
    Melrose Corner Sofa Bed
    From £5,816.00
  4. Melrose Sofa
    Melrose Sofa
    From £1,828.00
  5. Melrose Sofa with Chaise
    Melrose Sofa with Chaise
    From £2,466.00
  6. Melrose Corner Unit
    Melrose Corner Unit
    From £4,741.00
  7. Melrose Loveseat
    Melrose Loveseat
    From £1,435.00
  1. Manhattan Sofa Bed
    Manhattan Sofa Bed
    From £2,317.00
  2. Manhattan Sofa Bed with Chaise
    Manhattan Sofa Bed with Chaise
    From £2,955.00
  3. Manhattan Corner Sofa Bed
    Manhattan Corner Sofa Bed
    From £5,230.00
  4. Manhattan Sofa with Chaise
    Manhattan Sofa with Chaise
    From £2,466.00
  5. Manhattan Sofa
    Manhattan Sofa
    From £1,828.00
  6. Manhattan Corner Unit
    Manhattan Corner Unit
    From £4,285.00
  7. Manhattan Loveseat
    Manhattan Loveseat
    From £1,435.00
  1. New York Armchair
    New York Armchair
    From £1,503.00
  2. New York Sofa with Chaise
    New York Sofa with Chaise
    From £2,991.00
  3. New York Sofa
    New York Sofa
    From £2,149.00
  4. New York Loveseat
    New York Loveseat
    From £1,722.00
  1. Warwick Corner Sofa Bed
    Warwick Corner Sofa Bed
    From £5,464.00
  2. Warwick Sofa Bed
    Warwick Sofa Bed
    From £2,280.00
  3. Warwick Sofa
    Warwick Sofa
    From £1,791.00
  4. Warwick Corner Unit
    Warwick Corner Unit
    From £4,741.00
  5. Warwick Armchair
    Warwick Armchair
    From £1,287.00
  1. Embassy Sofa
    Embassy Sofa
    From £2,129.00
  2. Embassy Armchair
    Embassy Armchair
    From £1,388.00
  1. Madison Sofa
    Madison Sofa
    From £2,006.00
  2. Madison Corner Unit
    Madison Corner Unit
    From £5,682.00
  3. Madison Armchair
    Madison Armchair
    From £1,442.00
  1. Marlowe Corner Sofa Bed
    Marlowe Corner Sofa Bed
    From £5,230.00
  2. Marlowe Sofa Bed
    Marlowe Sofa Bed
    From £2,224.00
  3. Marlowe Sofa
    Marlowe Sofa
    From £1,791.00
  4. Marlowe Corner Unit
    Marlowe Corner Unit
    From £4,741.00
  5. Marlowe Armchair
    Marlowe Armchair
    From £1,287.00
  1. Stanford Sofa
    Stanford Sofa
    From £2,237.00