An Enchanting Blend: Reclaimed Teak Roots and Glass Furniture

An Enchanting Blend: Reclaimed Teak Roots and Glass Furniture

In the ever-changing world of interior design, where trends come and go quickly, there's a peaceful place that stays beautiful no matter the fads. That's Raft Furniture, where we've created something truly special by combining old teak tree roots and glass. These roots have lived a long time, and Raft gives them a new life by pairing them with clear glass. The result is amazing: functional art that makes your room feel both solid and light. This mix of old and new is always stylish, showing how important it is to take care of the planet while creating beautiful things. With Raft's furniture, your home becomes a calm, lovely space filled with the stories of nature and the skill of the people at Raft Furniture.

Finding inspiration in nature

Raft is known for its reclaimed teak collection, elevated by sophisticated craftsmanship and the inherent connection with the material that our team in Indonesia possesses. That’s how our Teak Root Glass collection came to be, using the way it exists within its natural habitat as inspiration. We asked Mick Quinn, Raft’s co-founder, and designer of the collection about his journey to designing this signature collection:

"After a trip to Indonesia in the early 2000s, I found myself mesmerised by the way that teak flourishes in its natural habitat. Surrounded by water, I was inspired by the way the colours and textures complemented each other.

When I got home to London, I embarked on a design that replicated the sense of calming unity teak and water have together. Pairing the reclaimed teak root with its natural knots and markings with toughened glass, it's an objet d'art and one of my proudest pieces to date."


What makes this collection so special?

The Dance of Elements

Pairing teak and glass The allure of reclaimed teak roots lies in their history and character. Each root, a testament to the passage of time and the resilience of nature, holds secrets of a world long gone. Raft Furniture sources these treasures sustainably, preserving not only the environment but also the narratives these roots silently share.

The transparent partner in this dance of elements is glass - pure, pristine, and effortlessly refined. The marriage of these two materials is a harmonious balance of the rugged and the delicate, the ancient and the modern.

A Symphony of Design and Purpose

Our craftsmen meticulously intertwine the teak roots with glass, yielding functional art that transforms spaces. The juxtaposition of the organic and the sleek creates an ambiance that is at once calming and inspiring. These pieces exude a sense of history and grounding, while the transparency of glass adds an ethereal touch, allowing light to play with shadows and reflections.

Why is glass furniture so sought-after?

  1. Eternal Elegance: Glass, with its crystal-clear purity, exudes timeless sophistication. Its sleek, reflective surfaces effortlessly elevate any space, adding an element of refinement that never goes out of style.

  2. Illusion of Space: Glass furniture creates an illusion of spaciousness. Its transparency allows light to flow freely, making rooms feel more open and airy. This optical trickery enhances the overall aesthetics of a space.

  3. Versatility: Glass effortlessly complements a variety of interior styles, both classic and contemporary. Its neutrality allows it to blend seamlessly with diverse color palettes and decor choices, making it a versatile choice for designers and homeowners alike.

  4. Easy Maintenance: Glass's smooth, non-porous surface is not only visually appealing but also practical. It's remarkably easy to clean and maintain, offering both beauty and convenience to those who appreciate a refined, hassle-free living environment.

Contemporary design, rooted in history 

What sets Raft apart from others is the respect our talented designers and craftsmen have for the environment. With the environment central to their ethos, harnessing the beauty of nature while incorporating contemporary aesthetics is crucial to their process. 

Our contemporary, extra-toughened glass top is paired with a natural reclaimed teak root, still retaining its natural splits, knots, and characteristics from the original tree stump, giving it a timeless feel. The teak root is exposed through the glass top, so the surface reveals the natural charm of the wood.

Raft’s reclaimed teak is collected, dried and crafted by our team in Indonesia, using state of the art eco-technology, the first commercial solar-powered kiln in Indonesia. The reclaimed nature of the teak, along with our commitment to not overpolishing or attempting to ‘perfect’ the natural materials we use, means that each piece is authentic and unique to its owner.