4 Ways to Achieve Minimaluxe: Crafting Tranquil Spaces with Raft Furniture

4 Ways to Achieve Minimaluxe: Crafting Tranquil Spaces with Raft Furniture

An interior design trend that is quickly defining the decade is minimaluxe: an aesthetic that both calms and inspires joy. It’s about reducing the noise and clutter in your living space to focus on the pieces you love.

What is Minimaluxe?

Minimaluxe, as coined by Livingetc, is not about using the bare essentials to design your space, like with minimalism, but about keeping only the pieces that truly resonate with you. We actually like to think of minimaluxe as more of a lifestyle than a trend; we apply it to everything we do. It finds a comfortable position in not being understated nor overstated, think warm minimalism meets quiet luxury.

However, while striking this balance will appear effortless, it takes a thoughtful approach to execute it. Looking for some inspiration and guidance? Our interior design team has put together a four-step guide to achieving minimaluxe.

How to Achieve Minimaluxe with Raft Furniture

1. Fluid Forms

While minimalism is known for its basic structures and straight lines, minimaluxe includes soft, shapely pieces in its designs to provide an organic feel to the room and make a statement. The sinuous lines of our Kartini Bench embody the ideals of minimaluxe.

2. Subtle Contrast

Creating depth and contrast within your space, whether with one piece or multiple, using different colours or fabrics, is typical of minimaluxe. Position contrasting scatter cushions on your sofa or embrace the opposition of reclaimed teak against solid steel throughout our Witney collection.

3. Tactility

Relaxation is a sensory experience and how your room feels should be as important as how it looks. At Raft, we’ve always shared this sentiment and we never over-polish our natural materials. The organic finish of our Unmilled Dining Table provides an earthy, raw quality and retains the natural feel of its reclaimed teak, much like the finish of our Solo Decorative Burnt Wooden Sculpture.

4. Wabi-Sabi

The Japanese philosophy of embracing imperfection is fully adopted at Raft. From allowing the past life of reclaimed teak to shine through in our furniture to the natural patina that is developed in our high-quality European leather, Minimaluxe is all about seeing the beauty in a space looking truly lived-in, rather than looking picture-perfect.

Experience the Tranquility of Minimaluxe with Raft Furniture

Minimaluxe isn't just about trends; it's about creating a space that resonates with your soul. At Raft Furniture, we understand the essence of this aesthetic, and our pieces embody its principles seamlessly. From fluid forms to subtle contrasts, tactile experiences to embracing imperfections, our furniture speaks the language of minimaluxe.

Embrace the art of slow living, experience the elegance of sustainable luxury, and curate a home that exudes tranquility and refinement. With Raft Furniture, you're not just decorating your space; you're weaving a story of timeless sophistication and genuine comfort. Join us in crafting a home that reflects your personal style while embracing the serenity of minimaluxe.