Does Dopamine Décor Have to be Colourful?

Does Dopamine Décor Have to be Colourful?

Dopamine Décor is a term that intrigues people, no matter their relationship with trends. We rarely acknowledge interior trends at Raft. With years of industry knowledge, we understand that most of the time, they are fleeting and unsustainable. Ultimately, we champion timelessness as a foundation. 

Despite this, Dopamine Décor is something we're going to go on the record as advocates for. Encouraging designing a space that sparks joy, it's all about leading with your heart. The lamp that warms you, the sofa that makes you excited to get home, the painting that makes you smile. This trend says no to waste and celebrates and justifies intuitive decorating.

What is Dopamine Décor?

Dopamine Décor is all about furnishing and decorating your home leading with your heart. This means do follow your intuition and don't blindly follow trends. Never really liked the idea of panelling? Why are you following an Instagram DIY tutorial to keep up with the trend, then?! Always felt dizzy with happiness when stretched across an off-white linen sofa in a hotel? Why have you just chosen "this season's most coveted orange" for your sofa, then?! Basically, if it sparks joy, you should buy it, keep it or create it. If it doesn't, forget about it. Trends come and go and of course your taste will evolve and change over time, but if there's been a constant, lean into it. 

Never Neglect Neutrals

As this trend circulates the internet, we've noticed a link between the common interpretation of dopamine décor with bright colours and bold prints. While there is undoubtedly much to be said about the dopamine rush colour offers, never neglect neutrals. There is peace to be found in stillness. There is joy to be found in harmony. 

Texture offers Depth 

It is undeniable that colour can create character and Where you can seek depth in a combination of colours, to provide character and diversity to a space, this can also be achieved through texture. Tonal and textural counterpoints can be discovered in nature; replicate this timeless depth in your home. The sleekness of glass, the pile of a rug, the crispness of linen and the smoothness of leather... each offers a tactility that will bring you joy and a reminder that you are rooted in a place of constance.