What is Modern Rustic style? A step by step guide

What is Modern Rustic style? A step by step guide

This year, we're seeing the term "Modern Rustic" and "Rustic Modern" on the interior design trend forecast. But what is it?

While some trends demand sudden scalloped hems, purple walls or for you to retile your bathroom, “Rustic Modern” is all about respecting character while maintaining an element of contemporary class. Organic shapes, earthy tones and modern perspectives are called upon to create a trend that oozes with a fresh authenticity. 

At Raft, we avoid fleeting fancies, but as industry experts with our eyes on everything interiors, we're here to debunk trending home-related terminology and explore the ways you can lean into different elements that speak to you. At Raft, we believe that “Rustic Modern” is here to stay and can be adapted season after season, year after year. 

At their heart, compound trends embrace balance. So, we answered your questions about the mistakes people make when trying to execute modern and rustic interior design independently. 

Rustic vs Modern Style

What is the biggest mistake people make with Modern Interior Design? 

This one is easy: buying everything off the shelf! It’s a tale as old as time. People move into a new home and rush to have it furnished and decorated immediately. What they don’t realise is that this rushed job means that they end up totally neglecting character. Just as the best wardrobes are curated over time, so are the best homes. 

If everything you buy can be taken home or delivered the next day, it means it is not handmade to order and will not be unique to your home. That cookie cutter look is the biggest mistake in modern design because it so quickly goes out of fashion.

What’s the secret to executing Modern Interior Design that doesn’t quickly fade? 

It’s all about understanding the silhouette of your space. Clean lines and minimal clutter will create a space that will appeal to modern sensibilities. So, opt for hidden storage for a functional yet understated feel. Keep your palette clean and simple, sticking to a monochromatic scheme and invest in high quality materials to avoid your space looking cheap. Fast furniture may seem like a shortcut to modern interiors but it’s not worth it.

What’s the biggest mistake people make with Rustic Interior Design?

There’s a fine line between rustic and kitschy and it’s important to distinguish these looks. While rustic alludes to natural materials, organic shapes and a sort of whimsical, unpolished feel, it is often mis-executed. Cutting corners with rustic interior design is unfortunately quite transparent. Natural, high quality materials that have been crafted by skilled artisans are easy to tell apart from their faux-counterparts. MDF and wood finishes lack that rich, characterful charm and end up breaking over time.

What’s the secret to executing Rustic Interior Design? 

A casual comfort lies at the centre of rustic interior design so it’s integral to invest in more than just the look. A robustness should underpin your wooden furniture and your soft furnishings should be inviting and offer an element of sleepiness. Beyond this, choose muted hues to create a calm and gentle ambiance. 

How do you mix rustic with modern in your home? 

Compounding these polarised trends is all about recognising the features of each one that is most invaluable. 

For rustic homes, this is undeniably the character and durability of the natural materials. For modern homes, it’s the clean lines and striking simplicity of the silhouette. For both, a neutral colour scheme creates a sense of stability and warmth. 

3 Ways to Decorate Rustic Modern Homes

1. Layering Materials

The timelessness of nature's imperfections is no secret. However, understanding how to maintain a fresh and current aesthetic and appeal to contemporary sensibilities is important. 

Rather than a strictly country-fied, traditional view of rustic materials such as natural woods, we're seeing urban homes make these choices over their manmade counterparts, recognising their artistic value.  

Rather than choosing between materials from wood and concrete to glass and plastic, Rustic Modern explores the layering of rustic and modern. By juxtaposing two totally different materials, you can create an interesting visual centrepiece and tie a room together.


2. Neutral Colour Scheme 

In order to strike a balance between rustic and modern design, choose a palette that occurs in nature and add modern accents to make a statement.

We love earthy terracotta tones, greens and washes of off-white, cream and beige in rustic interiors. For modern homes, we love monochromatic black, white, metals and cooler neutrals. Combine these thoughtfully to create a well-rounded space that excites and inspires… a mood that is defined by you, rather than its title. 

3. Statement pieces 

Something that is integral to modern style is statement furniture. Bold shapes are carved from conventional materials, creating a sculptural effect. Alternatively, rustic interiors rely on texture, as its commitment to natural materials mean that varying textures are available in abundance. 

Find the perfect marriage between the two by sourcing unique furniture that boasts organic, sculptural shapes. Better still, layer an organic shape with a contemporary material, such as a Teak Root Glass Table to capture both elements in one.