Interior Design Moodboard Inspiration

Interior Design  Moodboard Inspiration

Looking for some Interior Design moodboard inspiration? Fortunately, you've come to exactly the right place. Browse Pinterest and you'll be flooded with Raft Furniture imagery, showcasing our signature relaxed yet refined aesthetic. Balancing form and function with rich textures, natural materials and authentic pieces, Raft is the place to come for inspiration when getting started on a new interior design project. 

Be Inspired by Raft's Creative Team

When embarking on new interior design project without a professional, it can be overwhelming knowing where to begin. Deciding the overall aesthetic is a daunting task and envisioning your home transformed can be close to impossible. At Raft, we are interior design and furniture experts. Therefore, we love it when you come to us with any questions you have. We offer an Interior Design Service, headed by industry expert Tamara Frye and all of our showroom staff also have extensive knowledge and experience. Pop into your local showroom to speak with us in person, or simply click on the box in the lower right hand corner of our website to speak to a real person from a Raft showroom. Alternatively, keep reading to give yourself some foundational knowledge and check out a few of our colour-based moodboards. 

Blues for a contemporary cool statement

We love how deep blues give a nod to the ocean and sky blue gives a bright and refreshing burst of energy to a room. Striking the perfect balance between neutral and colourful, blue is the perfect choice for a contemporary and characterful home. It goes beautifully with monochrome accents and paired with teak furniture it can't be beaten.

Neutral hues for timeless simplicity

A calming sea of neutrals define the aesthetic we love at Raft Furniture. Relaxed yet refined in a timeless way, establishing a neutral base for your interior design project allows you to incorporate colour later on. Keep it natural while creating intrigue by playing around with texture. From jute and rattan to teak and leather, you can't go wrong with a neutral colour palette.

Nod to distant shores with a tropical touch 

Invite the outdoors in with a tropical inspired indoor space. A room with rich pinks, oversized house plants and mossy green fabrics, tied together with some feature wallpaper or graphic scatter cushions is sure to make a statement. When creating moodboards, our Creative Team is inspired by everything from fashion to nature.

An earthy palette for warmth and depth 

Earthy hues from terracotta to charcoal and walnut brown are a beautiful way to cultivate warm and rich interiors. An autumnal palette as a theme that runs through your home is sure to create an undeniably inviting atmosphere and make a space feel homely and cosy. Beyond this, as it's simply a variation on classic neutrals, this scheme promises versatility and timelessness.