FLEGT Certified Teak Furniture

The following guide is to be used as a tool to aid in the upkeep of your product:

We reclaim timber for our furniture from various sources, houses, bridges, railway sleepers, your item has a history and it’s most likely to be more than 70 years old. The blockings and indentations you’ll find make up its character and charm, we do not try to disguise this and will include many features of its past life.

Please clean and dust your item once you get it home with a damp lint-free cloth as there may be excess saw dust from the workshop. Be sure to apply in a test area out of sight to ensure you're happy with the result first. Drawer runners can also be waxed lightly on the insides of the drawer panel for a smoother pull.

The movement of wood is as natural as it knots. Within the first twelve months environmental changes can affect these woods. Any movement requiring restoration will be dealt with by our skilled restorers in your own home.

Reclaimed Teak - Dark Finish

To clean your dark finished reclaimed teak item, we recommend warm soapy water. Avoid using any other chemical cleaners or sprays, which may damage the finish of the dark teak. A clear, natural beeswax polish can be used for added protection, however please read the manufacturer's instructions first to ensure it's suitable for your product.

White ring marks can occur on items where something damp has been left on the wood surface and moisture becomes trapped underneath the varnish. You can purchase a ‘white ring remover’ from any DIY shop or you could try combining olive oil and cigar ash. If cigar ash is unavailable then substitute with paper ash, rub the mixture gently into the mark.

Reclaimed Teak - Natural Finish

Our natural teak products are not lacquered or varnished in order to show the true beauty of reclaimed teak. However, if you would like to treat the wood we suggest using a natural bees wax, following the manufacturer's instructions. Make sure your table is thoroughly clean before you start.

If you do manage to get water stains or other liquid soils on your item, a light dusting with ‘fine’ grade sandpaper will take out most marks. Remember to work along the grain.

If you require further help please contact us on 020 8450 5078 (Option 2) or send us an email to customerservice@raftfurniture.co.uk