How can a sofa be seasonal?

How can a sofa be seasonal?

Each year, Raft introduces seasonal sofa collections, showcasing new autumn winter and spring summer sofas. Raft loves timeless sofas. This begs the question: how can a sofa be seasonal? The short answer is that a sofa shouldn't be seasonal. Sofa trends 2022 show a renewed love for curved arms and low sofas. Autumn Winter 22 trends celebrate earthiness through deep, warm tones. But, questions like: are leather sofas in style and the best colour for a sofa are all just personal preference. Our seasonal collections are created to inspire, show versatility and make you feel at home. We are forever creatively evolving but in essence, we are contemporary yet timeless. 

Your sofa should be familiar, comforting and quite frankly, timeless. Reflecting your personality, dreams and desires, your living space should ooze with the kind of comfort that makes you sigh with relief every time you step foot inside. As the front door closes and your keys chink into the bowl on your hallway console table, your sofa should be calling your name. Day after day, year after year, (season after season) this won't change, once you've found your dream sofa.


So, why does Raft introduce seasonal collections? 

When Raft introduces its seasonal sofas, it isn't to say that we've jumped on a trend that is "in" right now, and "out" come 2023. It's simply to say that our design team has been spending months gathering inspiration from nature, architecture and travel. Together, we've collaborated to curate a collection that is both unique and classic. We pay attention to palettes that inspire relaxation and creativity and know how they work with the timeless shapes we have created. We want our seasonal collections to inspire our customers to decide on a sofa that belongs in their 'forever furniture' collection. Handmade in London to last a lifetime. When you choose a Raft sofa, you will never look back.

I'm inspired... but I want to customise my sofa

Raft's experienced creative team aim to showcase sofas that welcome, comfort and inspire our customers. This means that, naturally, our bestsellers are usually the seasonal models that we shoot and showcase in our showrooms. However, often they are simply the starting point in a person's journey to finding their perfect sofa. Perhaps our Loft Modular Sofa in blue velvet has inspired you to choose a sectional sofa in a bright green. Or, maybe seeing the Tulsa Loveseat in a graphic print has inspired you to shop for an armchair with round arms in a statement print. Our bespoke, personalised service allows you to make changes wherever you see fit. What's more, Raft sofas are made in London so with our factory just down the road, your sales assistant can chat with our upholsterers, frame makers and cutters to ensure your sofa meets your exact requirements. Want to change the colour of your Raft sofa 10 years down the line when the model is perfect but your walls and decor have changed? We offer a reupholstery service.

Raft sofas are made in London

We don't outsource when it comes to making furniture because we're the best in the business. Our team of carpenters and upholsterers is made up of people who have been with us for so long they're truly part of the furniture. So, when we say we really believe in our product, we mean it. Our sofa factory is in North London where you'll often find our Managing Director Heinz Frye, overseeing the bespoke projects and making sure everyone is happy. Any modifications you want, we can chat with you to make them happen. 

Any questions? Speak to a real person on our web chat - our managers are at their desks in our showrooms and are always happy to help! Or, phone us on 0203 667 8349