2023 Interior Design Trends: 3 we love

2023 Interior Design Trends: 3 we love

Interior Design trend forecasting is a collaborative process that takes into account everything from cyclical patterns to fashion, architecture, social media and conversations with real people. At Raft, we don't jump on every trend. We believe that comfort, your personality and timelessness should be the priority in every home. So, we've just handpicked the best of what is to come in 2023. Keep reading to learn how to implement them in your home.


Built-in storage had its moment but that high-tech, secret look is taking a back seat this year. In 2023, we're opening up our storage set-ups. Stylish shelves, exposed cabinetry and storage screens are going to be taking centre-stage. Not a fan of clutter but want to get on board this trend? Shop our signature storage cubes.


Texture is nothing new but in 2023, it's going to be a priority in homes of all styles. However, unlike the maximalism trend of 2022, our renewed focus on texture is more considerate. Concentrating on natural materials, organic shapes and a tactile experience, we're using teak as our foundation and accessorising with rattan, linen, cotton, velvet and more.


When it comes to colour forecasting, we look to all the experts in the industry from Farrow and Ball to Dulux. When 2023's colours of the year were announced, we fell in love. We're enamoured by the glowy charm of the warm neutrals we're seeing this year and can't wait to see tones "inspired by the natural world" making their way into homes in 2023.

As much as earthy tones are thriving in 2023, this palette has quite simply never gone out of style. This is part of the reason we are so enamoured by 'Brownstone', the beautiful oil painting on canvas, painted by artist Conor Quinn. Limited edition prints available exclusively at Raft Furniture.