The best way to check if an item is the correct size is to map out the space on the floor using newspaper. This will show the piece in proportion to the rest of the room.

For dining room tables allow at least 60cm clearance for the chair for when it is pulled out from the table in order to sit comfortably.

At Raft we do not let access issues or restrictions in the entrance to your property affect your choice of product but it is your responsibility to make sure ordered goods will fit along the delivery route and into the designated area. All of our product measurements are an estimate only; please allow a 50mm tolerance on product dimensions and consider skirting boards, staircases, doorways and lifts.

If you are unsure about access or think it is an issue, please call us on 020 8450 5078.

If access is an issue then your furniture may have to be altered during manufacture in order to fit in its final resting space. Various charges apply.

What sized dining table is right for me?

We recommend this as a general guide (all dimensions are approximate):

90x90x78cm / seats 2-4 people

140x90x78cm / seats 4-6 people

160x90x78cm / seats 6-8 people

180x90x78cm / seats 6-8 people

210x100x78cm / seats 8-10 people

240x100x78cm / seats 10-12 people

300x100x78cm / seats 12-14 people

Raft Furniture Measurement Guide