Raft Sofa Reupholstery & Recovering London

Raft Sofa Reupholstery & Recovering London

Raft has been manufacturing sofas in London since 1999 and our expert workmanship radiates from the inside out. 

Our frames are handmade in-house from European hardwood and without staples; our interiors are a combination of European duck feathers and the highest grade foam. With these foundations considered, we have the utmost confidence in the integrity of our product and are privileged to be able to create a space where our customers can give a new lease of life to their loved sofas. 

The question is, when you love your sofa, but it’s time for a change, what do you do? Is it worth reupholstering your sofa, re-covering it, or should you simply buy a new one? How do you make an old sofa look brand new? These are all common queries. 

Raft offers both a sofa reupholstery and recovering service. 

So, what’s the difference? 

Raft’s sofa reupholstery service is a deep dive into your sofa. 

We strip it back to its bones and examine the structure. This isn’t a one size fits all operation as it will require us to remove the outer fabric and potentially replenish the springs or foam interiors, depending on the wear of the sofa. The lead time on this service will match our new sofa lead time.

Raft’s sofa recovering service is the quickest and most affordable way to get a brand new look for your loved sofa.

With the look of a completely new sofa despite only ten minutes of downtime, this service creates infinite possibilities for your favourite seat. Choose from 9000 fabrics and our team will cut and sew a new cover to the specifications of your sofa. Then, we will visit you in our mobile workshop to fit your new covers. Rather than the temporary look of standard loose covers, Raft’s service provides you with a fixed covering that has the look of a brand new sofa. with the promise it can return to your original fabric for free whenever you want. 

Would you recommend reupholstery or recovering?

Our recovering service is transformative and has such little downtime, making the value exceptional. This is the best way to get a brand new look for a fraction of the price of a new sofa. 

However, ultimately, we want you to get the most out of your sofa so if you’re not sure, we will conduct a free audit call to determine the best option for you. 

Is it cheaper to recover your sofa or buy new?

Whether you choose to recover your sofa or buy a new one depends on your final goal. If you want to refresh your perfect sofa with a different fabric, recovering is the answer to getting a brand new look for the fraction of the price of a new sofa. Switch up a chocolate brown chenille with a stain-resistant sage green velvet; refresh your mustard yellow cotton with a coconut milk linen.

However, if a different silhouette, size or shape will bring you the most satisfaction, it's worth buying new. Raft offers an interest free finance plan so you can spread the cost of your new sofa.

Is it worth it to reupholster a sofa?

We only reupholster Raft sofas because it is not worth the risk with sofas of inferior quality.  

Of course we have the workmanship to upholster any sofa. However, the quality of a sofa’s frame will define its lifespan regardless of a change of fabric, meaning that some sofas are not worth reupholstering or would require in-house attention to replenish the structure. We don't want to strip back a sofa to discover a gauge that is too hard for our springs or low quality foam. 

The confidence we have in our product defines the quality of the service we can offer. We understand our product, with in-house expertise spanning back to 1999. For this reason, exposing a sofa to its bones provides us with the opportunity to replenish a model with the necessary components.