The Beauty of the Chesterfield

The Beauty of the Chesterfield

The best Chesterfield Sofas honour the traditional British design while paying tribute to modern sensibilities and expectations of comfort. Classic and iconic, this model epitomises the excellence of British craftsmanship, distinguishing itself from other formal sofas with ease and elegance. This week, we asked our St Albans showroom manager and in-house Chesterfield expert, Tony Ansong, what makes a real Chesterfield.

Real Chesterfields are Handmade in England

If you're buying a Chesterfield Sofa, it's indisputable that it should be made in England. Raft offers two Chesterfield models, the Stanford Sofa and the Embassy Sofa. Handmade in England by expert artisans. These two beautiful variations of the Chesterfield celebrate classic sensibilities while prioritising comfort in a way that can only be achieved by truly evolved artisanship. The magical interior blend we use at Raft promises irresistible comfort even in formal settings. 

"As a Chesterfield enthusiast, I cannot recommend Raft's craftsmanship more when it comes to making the best Chesterfield Sofa. Each stud is individually placed and screwed by hand giving our Embassy and Stanford sofas character and authenticity.

When you're investing in a timeless sofa like a Chesterfield, you want to know that it has been handmade with care. The clinical look created by mass produced, machine made sofas just won't cut it when it comes to a sofa as iconic as this!"

Are Chesterfield Sofas old fashioned?

The Chesterfield Sofa was invented in the 1700s. However, the image of this sofa as a regal centrepiece for stately homes and palaces has been challenged in every decade since as every style of interior has adapted this iconic design to work for it.

"The Chesterfield Sofa is relevant to every era since its invention and will still be around 100 years from today. Every time the design is slightly tweaked to suit contemporary tastes, the sofa model is given a new lease of life."

Raft Chesterfield Sofas

Want to invest in a high quality Chesterfield that will last a lifetime? We encourage thoughtful consumerism and know how big a decision buying a new sofa is. So, we understand the desire to know everything before making your final decision. Raft has over 9000 fabrics and 55 leathers to choose from. Order free samples from our most popular online collection or enquire on web chat or in-store to see more! 

Going for a leather? This is everything you need to know about Raft leathers: 

Raft leathers are made from high quality, full-grain European sourced hides. Full-grain means our hides have not been sanded, buffed, or snuffed to remove imperfections or natural marks on the surface of the hide. The grain remains allowing the fibre strength and durability. The grain also has breathability, resulting in less moisture from prolonged contact. Rather than wearing out, it will develop a patina overtime, ageing with grace and beauty. Raft offers leathers in semi and full aniline. There is a small difference between our full grain aniline and semi-aniline hides. Aniline hides are not coated allowing the natural markings to remain visible, it also enables the leather to ‘breathe’ easily and is comfortable in both hot and cold environments. Our semi-aniline hides are coated with only a very fine layer. This style is for those who want a leather that ages naturally but without marking.