4 reasons why we're not Minimalists

4 reasons why we're not Minimalists

Minimalism is a design trend and lifestyle decision that strips back a space to its bones and necessities. Some find it therapeutic in its simplicity and others associate it with anhedonia. (define anhedonia: inability to feel pleasure in normally pleasurable activities.)

We find ourselves on the fence. While we favour a pared-back space over clutter and maximalism, we don't consider ourselves minimalists. Here's why...



While we love a pared-back space without too much clutter, we have recently become disillusioned by the term minimalism. Before all else, we want our homes to be comfortable, charming and personal. With minimalism in its purest form, a home can feel cold and lifeless, void of personality and home comforts. At Raft we are texture obsessed, with rugs, plush Italian velvet scatters, cosy wool throws and unmilled teak making an appearance every season.



Minimalist interiors can lack the organic imperfections of life, in favour of simplicity, clean lines and order. Lived-in, natural linens, leathers that have developed a patina and teak with blockings, marks and organic variations are what define Raft. We love the raw aesthetic of reclaimed teak, the seams of a handmade sofa and the unique charm of handcrafted details. You will never catch us using a coaster on our tables! We love happy mistakes.



Think of minimalism and you'll envision a modern space, furnished with a few statement, contemporary pieces. Expensive and new, a minimalist makeover will see you throwing out 90% of your belongings and replacing the final 10 with new, shiny kit. This leaves no space for family photos, heirlooms and tributes to your culture. Keep that funky candleholder, battered leather chair and vintage lamp... being a slave to minimalism is no way to live, if you ask us!



A lifestyle more than it is a trend, quiet luxury meets warm minimalism for this decade-defining design mood. Setting itself apart from the stripped back strictness of minimalism, minimaluxe is a reminder to live in the moment. Informed by the Japanese principle of wabi-sabi, this style of interior design encourages the use of diverse, tactile materials and creating a space that feels safe and comfortable. To achieve this feel, we love to balance the elements with a range of natural materials from cotton weaves and slubby linens to reclaimed teak and glass.


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