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3 reasons why you need a wooden bench in your home

3 reasons why you need a wooden bench in your home
There are a plethora of reasons why you need a wooden bench in your home but often they are overlooked. This blog is dedicated to the 3 main reasons why we love this incredibly simple furniture design: an extended piece of wood, elevated on wooden legs. Considered the seat of civilisation, benches are the chair of choice in public settings from parks to bars. However, benches are also a beautifully necessary addition to the inside of every home, providing an inclusive, versatile, light and space-saving solution to any room. Keep reading to see why you need a wooden bench in your home…

1. Versatility

Benches are often overlooked despite their natural versatility. Whether placed in a slimline corridor/hallway as a stop to tie your shoelaces (and hide your shoe collection), at the foot of your bed as a place to get ready or at your dining table as an inclusive stretch of social seating, a bench will always do the trick.

2. Space saving

Benches are naturally space saving due to their simple design and uncomplicated silhouette. At a large dining table that has potential to host a full set of chairs, opting for a bench on one side can create a lighter look. What’s more, this contemporary look of minimalism actually allows for more people to sit. Using a bench as a subtle decluttering tool also works if you use the space underneath as storage - we love storing jute baskets underneath.

3. Natural elements 

Our teak is sustainably sourced and crafted by our skilled team to display its natural authenticity. We love the ‘warts and all’ aspect of teak and ensure that each stretch of wood in our benches is as unique and elegant as the last. If you’re looking to add a natural element to a space that is largely upholstered, a teak bench is the perfect finishing touch.

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