4 home decoration hacks: Thinking outside the box

4 home decoration hacks: Thinking outside the box
Thinking outside the box when it comes to home decoration ideas can sometimes be challenging, so we're here to offer you some inspiration. Whether you're looking for a big project or just to make a few tweaks with new furniture or innovative storage solutions and accessories, we've got a few tricks up our sleeve. 

1. A black bookshelf as a striking feature wall

The black built-in bookcase trend is one that we are very much on board with. Not only will adding a lick of black or charcoal paint to your bookcase give your room some extra depth and dimension, it also will act as a perfect, rich canvas to display all of your favourite books. You can commit to an entire feature wall or just choose to paint the storage in a humble reading corner. Either way, this is a home decoration idea that isn't going out of style anytime soon.

2. Exposed log storage for an earthy, natural look on a budget

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Barr Design on Instagram has provided us with the ultimate rustic styling inspiration, executing a vision of natural chic down to the very last detail. We love the decision to opt for exposed log storage as it epitomises thoughtful interior design that takes practicality and style into consideration. What's more, although this home decoration idea is an ingenious storage solution for log fire owners, it's a styling hack that doesn't discriminate; the price of logs won't break the bank and will add a definite rustic touch to your interiors.

3. An indoor garden for your mind, soul... and the aesthetic

Indoor gardens are all the rage at the moment, dominating our Instagram and Pinterest feeds. It's no secret that hosting indoor foliage comes with a range of health benefits caused by their powers of cleaning indoor air by absorbing toxins and producing oxygen. From reducing stress and fatigue to increasing productivity and boosting your mood, there is much incentive to introduce plants into your home. However, to take further the odd office cheese plant, we suggest an indoor garden. Dedicate a reading corner to foliage from hanging baskets to potted floor plants and wall mounted greenery.

4. Hang your bathroom towels and robes on a stylish storage ladder 

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The Instagram page @hello_haus is a great source of inspiration for home decoration ideas. Katie applies a minimalist but beautiful approach to her interiors and Raft's Bamboo Storage Ladder features many times on her page, as a staple accessory in her bathroom. The ideal addition to any home, you can use this stylish storage solution as a frame for hanging house plants, jewellery, clothes or towels. If you're looking for a quick solution to a tired room that needs a thoughtful refresh, this piece is a great place to start.