The minimalist trend: Lighting

The minimalist trend: Lighting
We are lovers of a plethora of interior design styles but the minimalist trend is among our favourites. In this piece we isolate the importance of light when styling your space with minimalism in mind... Lighting is required in abundance in order to create a space that abides by the rules of minimalism. The reason for this is that the purpose of the minimalist concept is to empty your space of anything that is not required. Therefore, lighting that exposes the truth of a room and doesn't allow for hidden clutter is paramount to executing minimalism effectively.

The power of white paint

When we think of minimalist homes and lighting, usually large windows and natural lighting come to mind. Alternatively we picture bright rooms with statement lamps... How do you maximise the light that your home offers you, be it natural or artificial? Our favourite trick is painting your walls white. White walls create the illusion of a bigger space and more light, by allowing the reflection of the light that exists in the room (as opposed to the absorbing effects of darker, deeper colours). Speaking of reflection...

Mirrors to reflect light 

A well-placed mirror can make a small space feel bigger and increase the brightness of a room. When positioning your mirrors, it’s important to think about the main sources of light in the room. A trick that we love is creating the illusion of an ‘extra’ window by placing a mirror opposite a window. This also works when you place two mirrors opposite each other. We also love placing a mirror behind a table or floor lamp to maximise a space while also offering a room some warmth and depth.

The layering concept 

Creating depth and dimension in a room is best achieved by using accessories to layer. This is why we hang prints, place potted plants on our side tables, scatter poufs and bean bags for occasional seating options and hang pendant lights from the ceiling. The layering concept is an important part of minimalist styling due to the way it maximises a space. However, its application must be more thoughtful to avoid clutter and a busy look. The floor lamp is the ultimate homeware choice for creating a layered aesthetic. What’s more, it offers the additional benefit of light and warmth. An incredibly effective way of executing minimalism without making a room look lifeless or cold.

The floor lamp 

Realising that every minimalist, elegant interior design set-up features a statement lamp is truly a light-bulb moment. If you’re looking to elevate the look and feel of your interiors, a floor lamp is a must-have, creating warmth and light while also maximising the space by bringing your eyes upwards with the length of the lamp. An effortless way to accessorise effectively, with simplicity and style.

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