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5 ways to thoughtfully add colour to your home

5 ways to thoughtfully add colour to your home

Addind colour to your home doesn't need to overwhelm a space. In fact, incorporating thoughtful interior design principles with colour theory means that this decision could fill your space with a sense of dopamine decor. Thoughtful interior design means each decision resonates with your senses and promises to transform your space, giving it a new lease of life.

As interior designers, we love that we have the freedom to play around with colour schemes by season. However, when it comes to your own home, we understand that getting it right the first time saves a lot of money and energy. So, whether you're a colour fanatic or enchanted by the beauty of neutrals and only colour curious, we're here to offer you a helping hand.

The art of thoughtfully injecting colour into interiors is an area in which we consider ourselves experts. So, keep reading if you're ready to revamp a neutral palette and add some fresh excitement to your living space. 

1. Make a mood board

how to add colour to your home raspberry and charcoal moodboard This isn't the first time we'll say it and it won't be the last: Curating a mood board is the secret when it comes to working out your colour scheme. Once you have the foundations of your room on your board, establishing your wall colour and flooring option, it's easy to experiment with adding bright colours. If you need some inspiration and guidance, head over to our blog post Interior Design Moodboard Inspiration. With expert advice from our Head of Interior Design, Tamara Frye and our Head of Visual Merchandiser, Lubo Todorov, you'll be inspired in no time.

2. Feature cushions

how to add colour to your home Loft corner unit sofa with pink cushions It's no secret that we're huge advocates of investing in a gorgeous, long-lasting sofa and refreshing its aesthetic every once in a while with fun feature cushions. We love bold prints and bright colours, as well as classic floral cushions that give you colour in a timeless fashion. In fact, you'll notice we update our seasonal scatter cushions in-store and online every few months. All of our sofas at RAFT are British manufactured, made in our factory, here in London. For this reason, acquiring a bespoke service is as easy as not. You can choose from thousands of fabrics and RAFT can cater to your every need.

3. Statement sofa

how to add colour to your home Madison sofa in ochre bright colour If you're committed to colour, why not implement it into your home with a statement sofa? We love choosing sofas in really bold, bright fabrics and watching them set neutral toned interiors alight. The photo above shows our Madison Sofa in ochre with a fuchsia pink scatter cushion. We love the way it transforms the room and makes a bold, contemporary statement. What's more, placing it by the window allows it to absorb the sunlight, maximising its potential as a mood booster during the more grey and gloomy seasons.

4. Paint the woodwork

how to add colour to your home bisham dining table with green walls A lick of paint will refresh the look of any room and create the illusion of a total interior makeover. In the photo above you can see the kitchen cabinets have been coated in a muted green paint; (if you love this colour as much as we do, check out our how to guide: Dulux Colour of the Year 2020, Tranquil Dawn: How we style muted green paint). It's up to you if you want to go all out with your coloured paint; however, we're more in favour of using colour to create an accented statement. For example, adding a lick of paint to your woodwork, a door, a feature wall or the ceiling works really nicely to add a bit of something, without overwhelming.

5. Colourful dining room chairs 

how to add colour to your home Neve dining table with pastel chairs We are enamoured with the concept of mixing and matching dining room chairs. The dining room is the hub of the home, where everyone gathers to share food, memories and laughs. For this reason, when considering how to add colour to your home, the dining room is a perfect place to start. Here, we've chosen pastel hues because we love the soft, summery feel that they give. However, we also love mustards, pinks and blues... or whatever sings to you!