Why are sofa beds so uncomfortable? And other sofa bed FAQs

Why are sofa beds so uncomfortable? And other sofa bed FAQs

The number of times we have been asked the question "why are sofa beds so uncomfortable?" is astronomical. Strangely, it's one of our favourite questions. Why? Because in most cases, we can relate! You sink down in the middle, you get too hot, they take maximal effort to set up... they're just, uncomfortable in every way! However, this isn't the case for all sofa beds. 

The comfort of a sofa bed varies from retailer to retailer and the reason for this is that different designs, manufacturing processes and materials are used. At Raft, our skilled team of artisans specialise in keeping the comfort transition minimal. Too often there's a drop off, squashing the appeal of these handy 2 in 1 lifehacks. However, if you know what to look for, you can make your sofa bed shopping experience far smoother. 

Keep reading to have your most-asked questions about sofa beds answered. 

Are sofa beds bad for your back? 

Often people are hesitant to buy a sofa bed for fear that it won't be good for their back. However, if you invest in the right model, gone are the days of guests waking up with back pain after holiday hosting. Opt for a sofa bed that has a sprung mattress and a slatted base, rather than foam on top of webbing. The reason for this is that elasticated webbing is what causes certain models to sag in the centre. Supportive slats are bent upwards to create a structure for your spine and help you to get a comfortable nights sleep. 

Are sofa beds hot to sleep in?

Have you ever experienced that instant feeling of regret when staying on someone's sofa bed and realising you're not going to sleep because it's absolutely boiling? We have. That's why we did our research before introducing sofa beds into our collection. 

Heat trapping is a common thing that happens with poor quality sofa beds as the mattresses don't have good breathability or air circulation. Choose a model that isn't made from a slab of foam, but rather a sprung mattress on wooden slats. 

Where to buy a cheap sofa bed?

Only buy a cheap sofa bed if you're happy to settle for an uncomfortable sofa bed that may not last. You'll end up spending more overtime to replace it and you'll pay for it in back pain.

Basically, the reasons why some sofa beds are so cheap, link back to all the questions above. Ultimately, these things will explain if a sofa bed is surprisingly cheap. However, watch out for companies that hike their prices because of their name! It's always worth checking the following three things:

1. Design Complexity

2. Low Quality Materials 

3. Manufacturing Process

When the manufacturing process is out-sourced to a factory mass-making sofa beds with machines, lots of short cuts are taken. From the material quality and skill of the labour to the complexity of the design behind the final model. Low quality materials, such as MDF, plastic and inexpensive foam combined with the low-quality upholstery of the physical sofa, (even isolated) will naturally lead to lower prices and unfortunately, less comfort.

It's important to note that while cheaper sofa beds can save you money upfront, they may not be as durable or comfortable as more expensive options. It's a trade-off between cost and quality, so bear this in mind when you're making your decision. 

Can sofa beds be used everyday?

If you invest in a high quality sofa bed with minimal stapling and a sprung mattress then of course it can. The perfect addition to a studio that needs multi-purpose form and functionality, the trusty sofa bed will offer both. However, make sure you've seen how it opens and closes before you buy it. Some sofa beds can be incredibly cumbersome to unfold. Raft's models glide open, using just one hand. Pop in our reach out to us on web chat to arrange a video call. You won't believe the ease and comfort!