Bedroom ideas for the luxury hotel feel...

Bedroom ideas for the luxury hotel feel...

Bedroom ideas that can help you replicate the aesthetic of  luxury boutique hotels are unsurprisingly on demand right now. Everyone is yearning for the luxurious lounging experience that seems to only exist in hotels but lockdown unfortunately won't permit... Fortunately, our team of interior designers, furniture experts and general home and lifestyle fanatics are constantly working to ensure that our customers can execute their visions. So, keep reading to discover our bedroom ideas for capturing the perfect balance between hotel indulgence and home comforts. That luxury hotel feel is just a Raft re-style away...

Bedroom ideas to implement now:

Perfectly plump pillows and cushions 

Depth, indulgence and plush, freshly plumped pillows are the first step to re-creating the luxury you feel at your favourite hotel. We're advocates of buying multiple pillows for an aesthetic that entices you to get happily lost in your bedspread. On top of this, we recommend adding a plethora of scatter cushions to give the room an extra flourish of inviting comfort. These can be rotated seasonally to ensure your bedroom always looks invitingly refreshed.

Light and airy 

Sofa bed with indoor plant

The signature Raft style is forever neutral tones, whites and off-whites, so white linen sheets are a must in our books. Giving a nod to Scandinavian interior design, a light colour palette is key to maximising the light in your room and creating a fresh, clean aesthetic. With a base layer of white, layered with sheets and throws for added texture and a tactile allure to your bed set-up. How else can you achieve a light, airy look? With mirrors. The interior designer's secret weapon, the right mirror will offer depth and brightness to your space, reflecting light and giving a room a new lease of life.

Stylish storage

bedroom ideas: upholstered bed and feature wall

What separates a luxury hotel bedroom from your own is the fact that the hotel room isn't full of clutter and general stuff. The serenity of a space that is only hosting a weekend away is defined by its stress free, blank canvas aesthetic. In the above photo, see our statement Teak Branch Coat Stand and Concrete Storage Cube.

Moody lighting

bedroom ideas: stylish sofa bed and table lamp and floor lamp

Ambient lighting will transform a space from one that is lack-lustre to one that resembles a luxury hotel with a warming glow that lulls you into a relaxing night's sleep. Every bedroom needs lamps. A table lamp on a bedside table is absolutely necessary to highlight your bed and give it an enticing charm. Beyond this, you can create different sections of your room and create a well-rounded glow with multiple lighting stations such as by placing a floor lamp in another corner of your room and a lamp on your dressing table.

Underfoot luxury

When styling a space, it's important to take everything into consideration, from the ground up. Overlooking your flooring situation is never a good idea. Ultimately, the floor covers the most surface area in your room (other than your walls). Whether you're dealing with carpets or hard flooring, a statement rug will offer variety of texture and colour. Choose a graphic print to make a statement or keep it simple and understated with a blanket colour, prioritising texture.

How to dress your bed, according to our Head of Visual Merchandising:

bedroom ideas: upholstered bed and creative storage

  1. The most important thing to remember when dressing your bed is layering. Create a sumptuously inviting base layer with a fitted sheet followed by a flat sheet folded delicately over your duvet. 
  2. We love clean, crisp white bed linen. Linen is the perfect choice for your bedding because it’s a natural material with anti-allergenic and ventilating properties. Opting for linen bedding will ensure year-round comfort. The naturally breathable quality that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. White is best to enhance the beauty of the wood and highlight the bed frame.
  3. Next, layer your linen with a soft, textured throw to give your bedroom depth and detail. Due to our love of layering we would even encourage opting for more than one throw; however, we generally abide by a rule of asymmetry. For example, two cushions and one throw or three cushions and two throws. 
  4. At the head of the bed style large, full, plumped pillows to give the spread an inviting look of luxury and comfort. As well as the regular pillows, a couple of scatter cushions will make a statement and can be rotated with the seasons.
  5. Finally, a small bench or a blanket box at the foot of the bed is always a beautiful and practical finishing touch.