Cultivate meaningful interiors with bespoke sofas

Cultivate meaningful interiors with bespoke sofas

Bespoke furniture is the key to creating a special home. The most beautiful interiors are always defined by one thing: personality. Cultivate a space that exudes authenticity and taste. How do you execute this vision? Book in for a free Interior Design consultation or come in to see us in your local showroom. With conscious consumerism, bespoke furniture and meaningful interior design your dream interiors are just a few conversations away. Our timeless range of sofas is designed in-house and handmade in England by us. Each product, from traditional Chesterfields to contemporary modular units, is made to order. If you've never spotted your dream sofa in a shop window, we're here to help. Your home should be totally personal to you but we know it can be daunting to embark on an Interior Design project alone. Materialise your vision with Raft's bespoke service.

A trusted bespoke furniture service

We were founded by Mick Quinn and Heinz Frye in 1999 and can be found in our first store and Head Office in North West London. In 2021 we're proud to be a small-medium sized business with a tight-knit team of creatives but we're also excited to be expanding across the country. Today we have six stores across England and each one is equipped with a team of furniture and Interior Design fanatics. Book ahead for an appointment or just pop into one of our showrooms to have a look around. At Raft, we have always stood for sustainability, authenticity and high-quality. Our team of experts, from upholsterers to Sales Managers, work hard to ensure that buying furniture from Raft is unlike any other experience. Loved by many for our collection of handmade, British, in-house designed furniture, we love collaborating with our customers to make the experience even more special. 

Manhattan Sofa, Teak Root Tables, Sling Chair

Where to start…

Unless you’ve had your dream sofa definitively mustered up in your mind for years, it can be daunting to know where to begin. So, we spoke to Mick Quinn, co-director and furniture designer to find out the kind of things on offer when you opt for a bespoke furniture service. 

What are some examples of things we offer in our bespoke service? 

“For all of our sofas, you can modify pretty much everything. Our customers can choose any height back, width, depth, arm width and whether they want it to double up as a sofa bed. They can also opt for hypoallergenic interiors rather than feathers and even specify the cushion density. Oh, and of course we have thousands of fabrics, too!”

What reasons have people given for their bespoke furniture modifications?

“Everyone has different tastes and requirements. People can request modifications based on both form and function. For example, some people want a rounded arm for comfort when lying down. Others prefer a wider, square arm to offer an extra seat when hosting. We’ve had people request a higher back to support their head when they’re watching television. We've had others ask for a lower back for a more contemporary aesthetic. Often high-profile vegan influencers and celebs come to us, too because we offer hypoallergenic vegan interiors. Interior Designers often use our bespoke service to personalise their client's sofas, too. Everything from contrast coloured piping and overstitching to changing curved armrests to square and vice versa.”