Best outdoor dining sets for alfresco dining

Best outdoor dining sets for alfresco dining
Everyone is on the lookout for an outdoor dining set that competes with Tuscan alfresco settings. The ultimate goal is to make your garden the place to be for those sunny afternoons stretching into balmy evenings... but how do you achieve it? We're dedicated to making the domestic sphere a place of luxury, with a metaphorical magnetic force that attracts friends and family to your home for nights in and shindigs in the garden. This year, social distancing measures have called for us to rethink our interior design: creating a garden space that competes with your indoor living area is key. Here is our guide to the perfect outdoor dining set for alfresco dining...  Our garden furniture is beautiful and elegant, exuding comfort and rustic class, meaning it blends perfectly into a garden setting. Also, due to the nature of reclaimed teak, it can be left outside all year long.

Eden Garden Range

The Eden Garden Range, including the Eden Garden Dining Table and the Eden Garden Bench is minimalist, with clean lines showcasing the golden grain of Raft's sustainably sourced teak. As for outdoor dining chairs, in the photo above you can see the Rhode Carver, defined by a clean-cut design and generous armrests.

Primrose Garden Bench

The Primrose Garden Bench is an alfresco favourite, characterised by its gentle curvature for comfortable sitting, as well as the sustainably sourced teak from which it's carved. What's more, a weather-proof seat cushion comes included to complete the look and encourage long evenings in comfort.

Primrose Garden Sofa

For maximum comfort, opt for our Primrose Garden Sofa. The water resistant seat and back cushions will provide you with hours of luxury lounging and the sustainably sourced teak that lies beneath gives a natural contrast with the grey cushions, reflecting our furniture's affinity with the environment.

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