Colours vs Neutrals in Interior Design: Raft's Palette

Colours vs Neutrals in Interior Design: Raft's Palette

Colours vs neutrals in interior design is an age old debate. With many furniture showrooms attracting browsers with bright, trendy colour combinations, Raft is enchanting in its neutral simplicity. After our sustainable ethics and high quality furniture, Raft is known for a neutral colour palette. Step into a Raft showroom and experience an oasis of serenity. You'll see teak foundations, real leathers and a soft sea of calming neutrals. Facilitating timeless, easy living, Raft provides you with a canvas that will never tire.

Why Does Raft Love Neutrals?

Raft loves neutrals because we believe that your furniture should last a lifetime. Far from following fleeting trends, we design and manufacture furniture that can withstand the test of time. This durability applies to both the quality and aesthetic of our collection. Therefore, when choosing between colours vs neutrals in interior design, we consider the shades that will transcend trends.

Our decision to create a collection that maintains its allure year upon year is intentional and true to our ethical stance. From here, we love seeing how customers get inspired and implement their own personality with bespoke projects.

Finding inspiration in the seasons and environment, we thrive with a neutral foundation and enjoy building upon it with seasonal accessories and adding personal touches.

Does Raft Make Colourful Sofas?

Yes! Take a peek into our North London sofa factory and you'll see a rainbow of colours. From sage green velvets to mustard and crimson cottons, we are constantly upholstering our furniture with gorgeous statement fabrics. Just because our showrooms display neutrals, it doesn't mean we don't love and make colourful sofas, chairs and beds.

Come in store and ask to see our range of fabrics. We have thousands of beautiful choices, making your dream sofa personal to you.

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